The longest facades that best preserve their appearance are brick facades; but with erosion, pollution, sun, and bad weather in general, they eventually decay and lose the color of the brick. For proper maintenance and good condition it is necessary to apply certain special products for facades Like brick varnish we’ll talk about today.

brick exposed varnish

This varnish is sold in paint shops or large stores of construction products and decorations, and its application is very simple:

These are usually water-based varnishes. This means that only water is needed to dilute them (if necessary).

The brick varnish It is applied directly to the brick previously cleaned of dust and dirt, with a flat brush, making the varnish penetrate through the brick sores and into all the gaps on the brick facade.

This varnish has flexible resins that prevent the film from cracking, provide protection from UV rays, and as a water-repellent varnish, it prevents water and moisture from penetrating the facade again if applied correctly.

The final finish depends on the type of varnish we purchased, glossy or matte, as it is available in these two finishes.

Lastly, the supplies and tools we are used to restore or protect the exposed brick facade with varnish, should be washed in cleaning water.

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