Real estate portals

Do you know why most people never can you sell a property through a real estate portal?

They have no plan. Of course, they do not show a desire to strain. And that may be happening to you so far. No matter how many hanging properties, you don’t get results.

From now on you have to choose. In this post you will find secret this will help you understand how you can present your properties to attract many more clients. But that is not a magic formula.

If you want results, you will have to work. Try more with pictures and texts and be much more analytical. If you can achieve that, I assure you that you will make a difference after this post.

Something must be clear to you. Just because your other competitors are waiting for a miracle to sell a property doesn’t mean you have to do the same.

When they want to wake up you will already be far away.

Real estate structure

Before continuing, I would like you to understand what you will find.

What will you read next not tricks, it’s about how the brain works and how we receive information.

That is why it is so important to internalize a structure that will allow you to establish those contacts that are worth so much money: AIDA formula.

What is the AIDA formula?

AIDA formula

Have you ever heard of her? As I told you in the previous section, summarize the way any person’s brain works.

  • You have to understand first attention your potential customer.
  • Then you will need it wake up your interest.
  • The next step will be to revive yours desire.
  • So I’m finally going to action and leave your details in the form.

I know you think this is a lot easier said than done, but when I really want you to understand something: so far you have tried without a ticket, and from now on you have it.

The next step is to really know what each of these stages entails so you can achieve results.

Attention: we start at the beginning

When planning your strategy, there is something you need to be very clear about. If you fail to attract the attention of your potential customer, everything else would be in vain.

That is, you may be trying to sell a property that will fall completely in love with it when someone steps on it … that if you fail to get them to look at it, it won’t matter.

I know it sounds harsh and can even lead to helplessness, but this is the reality. And here comes this strategy.

What catches the eye of your potential buyer on a real estate portal like Globalize is the image of the property.

That image that appears just when they made a query in the real estate portal search engine.

Really consider hiring a professional who knows how to get it good side property so that it cannot go unnoticed.

Interest: it’s time to keep giving a lot of cane

Are we moving forward?

Okay, they looked at you. But what now?

There is no point in capturing their attention if you cannot make them interesting once in a while in the properties file.

You must have a very clear idea here: tell him what his life will be like after he enters to live in it.

Be precise. Talk with feelings. Bring your feelings to the surface. Buying a home is not only rational, but has a lot of feelings.

And that’s where you can guess.

If with the texts you write you manage to make him imagine how he lives in it, you will be very close to him to fill out the form.

Desire: the last step before the visit

That’s where the tricky part comes in.

Interest is important, but it is not for sale. With texts and images, you have to ignite that flame that makes you think I want to live yes or no on that property.

I could give you a lot of advice when trying, but none as powerful as this one: he knows the person on the other side well.

Why are they interested in your property? What can I find in it? What is the reason you pay so much attention?

All of this is very important and it is your duty to be able to show it to them.

Action: take them home

This is the most important step … but also the most complicated.

This whole procedure will not come in handy if you fail to get it yes I want and fill out the form.

Don’t limit yourself to describing property, animals with text to leave your contact information so you can get in touch with them.

Persuasion against manipulation: So similar, and so different

Before finishing, there is a very important nuance that you need to be clear about: persuasion and manipulation are not the same.

The persuasion it is a concept that seeks a relationship in which both parties win. That is, you achieve a good result because you sell the property and the other party finds the home of their dreams.

Do you see? He will never lose. You two leave with a smile on your face. But what happens when you manipulate?

You won because you took the book, but the other side will go crazy because they will feel you cheated on them.

And I know. You may have a feeling it’s not really that dangerous … but languages ​​speak and it’s always good to avoid being called liars.

Now it’s up to you to get to work.

The most powerful enemy you will have to defeat when writing these texts is laziness.

Many times you will feel that you are exhausted, that you have too much work or you just don’t want to devote the time you deserve.

Don’t make that mistake. That’s why you’re here right now. Follow the steps you discovered in this post and you will reach your goal.

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