Did you know it is today World Day without plastic bags?

A few years ago I told you that from 2022, the use of this material will change a lot in the European Union.

But what I didn’t imagine was that in between we would experience a pandemic that only seemed possible in a horror film.

However, the goal is not just to reduce spending by imposing laws, but to take a proactive stance on this challenge.

So in this post you will discover what are the best (simple) tips for reducing plastic consumption at home.

Are we going to mess around?

Dangerous situation with plastic: what can we do?

Hazardous plastic waste

Today, plastic is everywhere:

  • Food.
  • Hygienic products.
  • Cars
  • Phones.
  • Computers

And much more.

And although most of them are sold as recyclable, they are actually just downcycled.

Which means that the tetrabric cannot be converted into a new tetrabric, but only into a lower quality product.

Good news? That it is in the hands of each of us to do everything to reduce that consumption.

And today you can start this journey right here.

Can you cut plastic today?

That’s a big question.

As I have already told you, plastic is present in practically all areas of our lives.

It’s a very versatile material that we’ve used for a long time without knowing the consequences … but now we know it.

To give you an idea, The shelf life of plastic is between 12 and 15 minutes.

15 minutes that take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose, causing enormous damage to the planet.

Tips for reducing plastic at home

As they say, you have a lot more power than you can imagine. It is in your hand to change the destiny of this planet (and although it sounds incredible, it is a reality).

# 1 Use recyclable water bottles

Reusable plastic bottles

Did you know that one of the biggest plastic expenses we make from plastic is used in water bottles?

It may seem silly, but millions of these bottles are consumed daily:

  • Bars and restaurants.
  • Automata.
  • Edit.

And much more.

And the reality is that just by avoiding this consumption everything changes. Using recycled water bottles that serve multiple ways changes everything.

# 2 Avoid plastic straws

Although the European Union has already made progress in legislation, it is still a product that is used too often.

After the ban on the use of plastic straws in Europe from 2022, we will have to find an alternative and it will be good for the environment.

Replace them immediately with metal or bamboo straws and you will give the planet a rest.

# 3 Say NO to chewing gum

Beware of chewing gum

Chewing gum? Did you know that the vast majority are of plastic origin?

If you want to consume rubber, make sure that its origin is natural and biodegradable. That is why you will have to run away from the most common brands.

# 4 Packaging is important

Buy plastic-free products

Every purchase is important.

When choosing a product, you are making a much more important decision than it seems at first glance.

The reality is that you decide between plastic or not, between caring for the environment or not saving a few coins.

More and more brands are betting on a type of packaging in which plastic is not accepted well.

Will you support them?

# 5 Avoid disposable razors

Always avoid disposable razor blades

I am the first to realize that they are very comfortable, but also a counterpart that they represent for the planet.

If you can, always choose the most durable products, even if it means sacrificing some comfort when using them.

# 6 The bathroom is a great weak point

Use a bar of soap in the bathroom

Although more and more companies are betting on products with recycled disposable materials

Whenever you can, choose these types of products and support companies that go forward by reducing their earnings by caring for the environment.

In the long run, this will apply to everyone.

# 7 Use reusable bags

Plastic, paper or canvas bag: which is (really) more sustainable?

This advice will not surprise you.

Supermarkets have long tried to avoid the use of plastic bags and now this is more necessary than ever before.

Always choose reusable bags and give them as much life as possible.

# 8 Buy products in bulk

Buy products in bulk

The big difference between buying a product in bulk and not doing it is that you will avoid plastic in the first case.

In addition, in most cases, it will be a more profitable investment with much healthier products.

It will help you reduce your waste level and make sure you buy only the amount you need.

# 9 Do not use coffee capsules

The best coffee capsules according to OCU - AS.com

Listen to me, I am also a coffee lover and I know how good some of these capsules are.

However, the fact that they are used presupposes constant damage to the environment in the form of avoidable waste.

Use the coffee machine all your life, and also enjoy a much cleaner taste. It will be worth it.

# 10 Choose bamboo toothbrushes

Bamboo or plastic toothbrush?  - SociDent

Did you know that plastic toothbrushes are one of the biggest causes of pollution on the planet?

You just have to materialize its impact by the number of people brushing their teeth every day.

On many occasions we choose them out of sheer ignorance. However, today there are bamboo alternatives that are equally effective and do not harm the planet.

Try it!

Did you see?

It’s not just avoiding the use of plastic bags, but also the awareness that your every decision matters.


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