September is at the door and with it a new opportunity to sell your home at the highest possible price.

As you know, in recent months the market for the sale of apartments (outside or first hand) has been stagnant.

Now, after everything that has happened to us in the last year, the time has come for it return to normal business and to start getting results that you can achieve.

Slow real estate market: why sell fewer houses than ever before?

Real estate market

It’s been a movie for the last year and a half. And while living in a scary scene, you have no desire to find a new home.

For a start, coronavirus and closure were a big blow to property visits and the interest of many people to buy a new home.

In addition, the economic shock family economics this meant that those who did not lose their mood exhausted their chances of reaching a good deal.

After a whole year of rowing against the current, the strangest summer in our history.

A summer where we continue to move in a very complex environment, but in which people really want it recover lost time.

The mixture of frugality of people who want to relive the holidays and difficult economic situations makes it difficult to sell now that September is coming.

But still, there is an opportunity.

Below we reveal what we would do in case we found ourselves in your place.

September: a month of enjoying real estate in Spain

Historically, September is a month of joy for house sales.

It seems that this year will not be any different either, as a request is awaited that has been waiting for almost two years to find the home of its dreams.

September is the month to try it out.

Start your own real estate portfolio, prepare the house and look for the perfect buyer.

Predict that the others have just returned from vacation and so you will be able to go one march faster than the rest of your companions.

# 1 The Right Price: Beware of overestimating your home

People never like to pay too much for real estate, but now only less.

In the last month, they have had much less control over themselves personal finance and that means they will spend much more than they have entered.

Like I saw it.

Therefore, as soon as September enters through the door, economic restrictions and whims will again be very strict.

# 2 Adapt to the customer


One of the serious problems many people have when selling their property is that They put it up for sale as it is.

This is a big mistake.

When deciding to sell a home, it ceases to be a home to become a product.

And as a product in question, you have to work on how to be aligned from the first to the last impact in order to sell for more money and much faster.

Get to know your target customer and devise a plan that allows them to imagine living in it as soon as they walk through the door.

By the way, for all these purposes, home staging techniques can be very useful.

# 3 Sales Reform? Worth it?

What a pity, isn’t it? Get into the reform just before selling the house.

Well, to be honest, on many occasions it’s one of the best alternatives you have.


Reforming the property, ending its problems and adjusting to its client will allow us to make more money from the sale.

So it’s more than interesting to throw away the numbers and think about the benefits we add to the home before it belongs to anyone.

# 4 Update the paperwork you manage: don’t play with surprises in the future

Talk to the client to whom you will sell the property and make sure that all the papers are in order.

In fact, after reviewing them, it is interesting that you have at least one copy of each of these documents, in order to simplify the sales process.

Well then.

With these 4 movements you are in a perfect situation to take advantage of September as a real estate agent to sell your property.

From now on, you depend on yourself, your insight and your good work to achieve these results.

And remember that if you have questions, you can write to us via the blog and we will be happy to answer you.

We will always be there for you.


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