Upholster or decorate a piece of furniture with wallpaperIt is a very original idea to save old furniture or restore not so old.

Although in other posts I talked about how to decorate them with templates or perform the aging technique on a piece of furniture, in this post we will talk about how wallpaper a piece of furniture.

Before and after decorating furniture with wallpaper

It is very easy to do, you only need wallpaper (whatever you want), wallpaper glue (sell it in any paint store), a meter and scissors or a knife.

In addition to the video that you will be able to see below, seeing how it is done, you also have the text below. Here is the video:


First we sand the area where we will put the paper, to open the pores of the wood so that the glue adheres better. Lightly sand it with medium-grain sponge sandpaper.

We clean the furniture well from dust and dirt with a damp cloth.

Then we cut a previously measured piece of paper, if it is slightly better (a few centimeters) better.

Glue the cut paper, let the glue work for 5 minutes and then glue it in place, and without too much pressure with a plastic spatula, remove the bubbles and leave them perfectly glued without wrinkles or bubbles.

If we cut the paper a few inches larger, perfectly, we now take the blade and very slowly cut off the excess paper rinse.

Once glued and as protection you can give it a layer of latex diluted in water. To give the latex, apply it with a brush, leaving practically no load, stretching the latex a lot, because if we left a lot of load, the paper would get very wet and it would rise.

If we have placed the paper in an area where we will be supporting objects, for example on top of a nightstand, it is appropriate to place the glass on top to protect the paper. In other areas where we will not support anything, with a latex coat or nothing, it is enough.

If you need inspiration, you can see it here 25 photos and ideas for decorating furniture with wallpaper and coloring.


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