Many of you ask us different questions about tempera. How to paint with tempera? When is it advisable to paint with tempera? What can I paint with tempera? Is it good to paint tempera ceilings? To address all these small doubts, we will make a complete analysis of tempera, its possible applications, tools to use and places where we can paint with tempera and where we can’t.

Let’s start with the first:

What is tempera?

Temper is a type of dye that consists of earthy pigments, calcium carbonate, and glue or casein mixed with water. It is a paint that can be purchased in powder form for mixing with water or in the form of a paste that is also mixed with water to dilute it. Tempera can be purchased at any paint store, even an ironworks.

It is a very economical color, a 15 kg bag costs around € 4. Apparently depending on the store where it is bought.

How many types of tempera are there?

There are three types of temperament. It’s here temple fox which is used to paint the walls as if it were another color. The temple gota, or better known as gotelé, i chopped temple, which is the temperament used to make chopped products.

Where is temperament applied?

This image is tagged only for interior and walls of plaster or cement or other mortar.

It is usually applied directly to the plaster or cement, leaving the painted surface to remain airy. Because It is advisable to paint the ceilings of the kitchen and bathroom with tempera to breathe.

Calibrate a wall that is already painted with plastic paint, for example, in addition to being useless, the paint does not adhere properly.

How to paint with tempera?

The application of this paint is the same as the usual plastic paint. You just have to dilute the tempera with just water until it becomes liquid and then continue painting.

When we apply tempera to the wall, it will appear to be just wet, as if it were water, but as soon as the tempera starts to dry, it will turn white.

Usually 2 coats are needed for a good finish. To apply two coats, you must respect the drying time. Minimum 2 to 4 hours and with good ventilation.

When applying the second layer, you do not have to spend too much time with a roller or brush, because when you moisten the layer under it, it can be removed.

Tempera can be painted with brushes, rollers and Airless. Only water is needed to wash the tools.

Can you paint over tempera?

If we are going to paint a plastic paint or if it is possible to give it more temperament, if it is some other paint such as solvent-based enamels, stucco, Florentine earth or other highly decorative paints, it cannot be. You must first apply a primer that matches the color.

Can you make colors with tempera?

If you can make colors with tempera. You must use universal or watercolors for this. Some manufacturers already have factory tempering of the paint.

How to repair walls that are painted or will be painted with tempera?

They are repaired in the same way and with the same materials as if we were to paint with normal plastic paint. With whales, spatulas, bandages …


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