If you’re at least a fan of decorations, you’ve noticed the new decorative trend in question paint the tile joints.

Although it’s been in vogue lately, it’s not a new process, much less, but it seems to be the time when it is decorate the tiled walls.

Like I said, that’s what it’s about painting tile joints with striking color, creating a beautiful and neat colorful pattern, emphasizing both the tile and the joint itself and mostly moving away from traditional finishes, in which the joint is mostly similar to tiles, both on the floor and on the walls.

Tile colored joints

Lime grout 360

As you can imagine, this way decorate tiled floors and walls, It is usually seen in bathrooms and kitchens, as it is more common to find walls and floors covered with ceramic tiles there.

Joints of tiles for painting with orange plaster

Orange Mortar by Grout360

It is valid for all types of tiles, as long as they have a joint that separates them from each other. It doesn’t matter if the tile is of one design or another, in this case the most important is the joint.

Painted grout for painting tile joints

Fuchsia Mortar by Grout360

So, if you are wondering if you can do this on the tiles in your house, the answer is a resounding yes, as long as you have tiles with grout, that is, you can.

Turquoise grout for painting tile joints

Turquoise mortar from Grout360

And that should also be mentioned, of course it’s not hard to do this kind of work at all. It doesn’t matter what color we have tile jointsor how worn or dirty they are. Anyone can do it easily.

To do that, we just need a row to glue the tile joints, known as grout, which are sold in any decoration store or construction shop.

Green grout for painting tile joints

Green Mortar by Grout360

To apply plaster or grout to the tile, make a paste of water with the adhesive until you get a tile grout.

After preparing the grout, with a rubber spatula, which is sold in any hardware store, we coat the adhesive of the selected color for all tiles, especially filling the joints.

After the grout that we spread on the wall dries, we take a sponge and a bucket of water and remove the dry mortar from the tiles.

We will do this slowly, because if we press too hard, we can also take the plaster from the joints, if they are not very dry.

Blue grout for painting grout tiles

Blue Mortar by Grout360

We will wash the wall until we have removed all the paste for painted joints that we have given, and we will also have a tile wall with painted joints.

If you have ever given an injection mass, you will know how easy and simple this procedure can be; and if we were to see the spectacular finishes it leaves, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this resource, if that’s what we want.

In addition, grout glue is a very economical product, which can cost us approximately 15 euros per bag, with enough plaster to make a small bathroom or a small kitchen that already has joints.

colored tiles-cards-boards

Catalog of morcemcolor plaster joints

There are several manufacturers on the market that offer this product, it will not be difficult for you to find it in the city where you live.

The picture above corresponds to Morcemcolor’s catalog of plaster for tile joints, in which we can see a wide range of colors to create a beautiful decoration, regardless of the color we have.


The process of gluing or filling joints with colored mortar and a rubber spatula.

photography reform.step

Did you know this way of giving paint on tile joints? Do you have any wall decorated like this? What do you think at all? I read you in the comments.

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