Stainless steel or galvanized steel are materials that do not accept any paint, and if they do, after a short time the paint cracks or cracks.

painted stainless steel or galvanized

To paint stainless or galvanized steel we must first give good sanding for surface scratches, and only the surface.

We recommend that you paint them for this type of product polyurethane enamel, more precisely due to the high anchor and resistance of the Monto Acripol brand.

We will give you your example first. An example of an acripol is Impripol. It is a primer with two components, which are the primer itself and its catalyst.

The mixture is ¼. For example, if we are going to consume 1 liter of primer, we need 250 milliliters of catalyst. We will always add a quarter of the catalyst relative to the primer required. Apply a primer and let it dry. Because it contains a catalyst, drying is fast.

Once dried, we can paint with acropolis. Acripol is only in splendor. You can’t choose between matte or satin, it is only available in gloss and the desired color. If you want matte or satin, ask for industrial polyurethane enamel.

Acripol is painted in the same way as the primer, on ¼. And the solvent we need is a polyurethane solvent.

You can paint stainless steel with these products and you have a guarantee that it will look good.

Acripol is a two-component polyurethane enamel of the Amo brand.

If you go to another store, they will not have acripol, but they must have polyurethane enamel. The only thing we put on is acripol because it is the one we use and which gives us the best result so far.

Why is it painted with polyurethane enamel and not another?

When it comes to pieces that accept a little paint, it is convenient to use this type of enamel, because they are very resistant, high hardness and attach perfectly to the surface.


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