We will see how to paint aluminum windows or doors in the right way. Well, generally any aluminum surface. Because aluminum can be painted, but it has a slightly more special and gentle treatment, with a special color and an equally special treatment, but anyone can do it, with the right tools and materials.

And that’s what I’m going to teach you in this article so you can paint windows, doors, or any aluminum surface.

If you want to change the color of your home windows from the inside, gallery doors or any aluminum surface you have, you need these materials and tools.

-Electric grinder.
-Polyurethane enamel components.
-Polyurethane solvent
– Sink. (Optional, as this can be done with a brush and roller, but warmly recommended as it leaves a perfect finish)

preparation: The first thing we will do is grind the entire surface of the aluminum.

In order for the final result to be excellent, the most important thing is grinding. We need to sand it thoroughly without skipping any piece to make it easier to stick to the paint. That’s why I put the grinder on the list of materials.

This grinder has a great price and performance. It is a sander for life, and you will use it not only for windows, but also for doors, walls, railings and stair railings or any other surface you want to sand.

I’ve been in it for many years, and I’m really telling you, it’s the best ending, thanks to good grinding. It doesn’t matter that you use the best color in the world later. If it is not well sanded, it will not be a good finish.

That is why I warmly recommend that you get a good grinder like this and the job will be perfect.

Sand the entire surface of the aluminum with a p400 sandpaper. Where the grinder will not come, we need to grind by hand.

Once sanded, we run a cloth with solvent all over the surface for complete cleaning, and when it is clean, it is time for wallpapering.

If you are going to paint with a spray gun, which I also recommend, wallpaper well. Not only the window, but also the walls, floors, furniture … The spray gun sprays and atomizes the paint, so if you don’t wallpaper it well, you can stain the whole house. And this paint that we will use is very strong and has extreme adhesion. You can roll it well in a package without good paperwork.

All right, now that you’ve sanded and cleaned the aluminum and all the wallpaper, it’s time to paint.

I recommend two-component polyurethane enamel. Because it is one of the hardest, most resistant and with the best anchor enamels on the market. That is to say, enamel that, if applied well, can last for many years.

Two-component enamel of extremely high strength and adhesion, consisting of polyurethane enamel and its catalyst, is mixed with the catalyst at 1/4 or according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. If it is 1/4, it means that we will add 1 catalyst to every 4 parts we add to the enamel.

For example: 4 liters of enamel add 1 liter of Catalyst, move it well and add 5 or 10% polyurethane solvent so that the paint does not become so thick, remove and we already have the paint ready for both in the gun and roller.

Now you just have to apply the paint. Go slowly, applying layer by layer without applying paint at any time. Cover, don’t worry.

Two things:
1- If we are going to paint with a spray gun, we are going to paint without much load of paint, because if not, the paint would leak out, there must be dust, even if we have to give it 4 or 5 coats.

Painting with a spray gun between hands and hands with an hour to stop drying is worth it.

2-If we are going to paint with a roller and a brush, we will choose a zero pore or foam roller like this that you can buy here, and we will spread the color as much as we can, even if several coats are needed. Painting with a roller and a brush, between hand and hand for two hours, is more than enough, because this paint, when it has a catalyst, dries to the touch quite quickly.

The colors you can choose can be the ones you want, considering that this paint and its solvent are expensive.

If you do not want to use polyurethane enamel, You can use synthetic enamel, which is cheaper, but first you have to give the aluminum a primer. You can buy an example of aluminum here.

The primer is applied in the same way as the paint. And after the primer dries, paint is applied to it.

But if you want advice, it is better to paint with polyurethane paint because you avoid giving a primer, and polyurethane is much more resistant and durable than synthetic enamel.

Here’s what we saw how to paint aluminum window frames, but this is applicable to all aluminum surfaces.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer in the comments.


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