If you are thinking of changing the doors of your house because they are already a bit old, you don’t like the paint or it has worn out, I suggest you paint them instead of changing them. It is much cheaper and if done well, it can give you a second chance at the door and extend your life for a few more years.

If you like the idea and dare, here I will tell you how to paint the door step by step.

white-lacquered door

For lacquered doors The first thing we should do is remove them, so find a place where you can leave the door and paint it, for example a garage or a well-upholstered room so that nothing remains stained.

The best way to paint is with a spray gun, its finish is almost perfect, but not everyone has a gun and a compressor, and they don’t have the experience to do so. But luckily roller doors can also be painted, leaving a very fine finish, with a zero-pore roller or foam, holding the solvent.

Don’t worry, I’ll list everything you need so you can buy it.

First let’s see how to varnish the door.

We start by sanding the door to open the pores of the wood.

We sand with p400 grain sandpaper, either by machine, with an electric sander like the one you can buy here or by hand. Although I advise you that if you have a lot of doors, buy a grinder because you will cushion it very well.

Also, good sanding is the main step for a good finish.

After sanding the entire door in all their corners, we continue to apply a layer of primer.

This product is sold in all paint stores or we can buy it here for watering. It is a product that dissolves with a solvent or water, depending on the base we buy. I advise a water-based sealant, if it is for the interior, it is better to apply it and then the tools can be used again.

The sealant is applied as if it were enamel or varnish, with a roller and a brush. There is no greater complication than the usual application.

After the sealant is given, let it dry (at least 12 hours) and sand the door again. But this time we grind it very soft, just to remove small imperfections that may be stuck in the sealing coat. We don’t have to remove the sealant, it’s a fine sanding of the surface. Until we pass the hand and notice the smooth surface.

Now that the door is ready, it’s time to apply the varnish.

There are two types of varnishes:

Two-component varnish (varnish + catalyst)

Enamels One-component varnishes consisting only of varnish.

The first is more resistant, but since we are talking about interior doors, it is better to buy a one-component water-based varnish that today makes them sufficiently resistant to the interiors, paint or colors we want, which is easier to apply.

Once we apply the varnish, if we have a gun, we will give it a pass until the whole door is completely even, it is desirable to give the first layer a little more diluted to penetrate well.

And if we don’t have a gun, we’ll do the same with a pore-free roller, which has no hair, and a trace that leaves minimal, so the door is smooth, with no fingerprints or traces.

In addition to the roller, we need a brush to apply varnish to corners or areas where the roller does not reach, if the door has, for example, moldings or strips.

Spread the varnish on the door until it is completely even and let it dry for about 12 hours.

After the first coat of varnish dries, lightly sand it with fine-grained sandpaper to remove any impurities that may have come out of the first coat.

We wipe it with a damp cloth to clean the dust from sanding well, and we give the second layer again, just like the first one.

Let this other hand dry and if we see that it is completely covered, then we are done.

If it is not covered, we will sand it very soft again, to clean the dust created by the sandpaper, and then we will give it another layer.

Remember that, Between the hand and the coat, whether it is a seal or a varnish, you must always sand once dried, and after sanding you must perfectly remove all the dust and dirt left by the sandpaper.

We must say that these products are relatively expensive, but nothing compared to the cost of changing all the doors at home.

The door can be painted in the desired color or more suited to the decoration of the house. In this article we talk about their varnishing in white, but it depends on the taste of each of them.

Here you can see the video where I return the gun, it is a poorly recorded video, but you can see all the steps correctly. It was taken with an old cell phone and with poor lighting. Below the video I leave you links to the varnishes I use and the recommended materials.

Before applying anything, although I have explained it here, read the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully. It never hurts. The video explains that solvent-based products are used, because I painted the door like this, but the steps are the same for painting in water. Let’s watch the video now.

List of tools and materials:

Electric grinder. One of the best values ​​for money.

Example of water sealing.

Water-based varnish. This in the satin white color of Bruger works great on the door, and if applied well, it looks fantastic.

Roller, brush and bucket with zero pores. This package is very affordable and contains everything you need.

Fine sandpaper sponge for sanding between hands and removing dirt.

The total cost of everything is around € 100. I think it’s a good investment to have a new door, right?

Now yes, you will have to work.

If you have any questions, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer.


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