Bedroom wall headboard it’s like a blank canvas on which we can express our creativity and give the room a fantastic style.

There are many ways to decorate, but today we will explore a very simple and powerful: paint it.

So if you are wondering what color to paint the headboard wall, take a look at these colors I prepared.

Dark blue, almost navy blue.

Bedroom with dark blue headboard wall

Photo of My Firs Home, Claire

This color is very strong, but it is a color that is in the cold part of the color wheel, which among other things means that it is relaxing.

Dark gray.

The headboard wall is gray

The color is a little more elegant than gray in all its shades, but especially in darker tones, that sophisticated feeling is enhanced.


Bedroom with black painted headboard wall

Photo by My Vintage Trem

If I’ve said before that there are few colors that are as elegant as gray, black is one of them.

Elegant and sophisticated color where available. Well combined, especially with white, it will create a very cool environment.

Electrically blue.

The headboard wall is painted in electric blue


Electric blue is another color with which we can paint the wall of the headboard of the room and create the most exclusive accent wall.

If you remember from the Sex and the City series, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment was painted in electric blue.

Click here to view your apartment in full detail.

Dark blue.

The headboard wall is painted in dark blue

Photo by Sf Girl by Bay

We have already seen several blues, but due to the properties of this color it is very suitable for the bedroom, in almost all its shades.

But don’t worry, there are many other colors we’ll see right now to paint the headboard wall.

Fuchsia pink.

The headboard wall is painted in fuchsia pink

Photo by SasInteriors

It’s not a relaxing color, but … What a difference! It is beautiful and powerful colors. Also, when we lie in bed we don’t see that wall, so it won’t stress us out, in case it can.

blue oil.

The headboard wall is painted in kerosene blue

Photo by Rennai Hofer for Avestyles

Relaxing, elegant and with a lot of power. In addition, as we see, it combines perfectly with copper or any other golden tone.

Medium pink.

Bedroom with pink painted headboard wall

Photography and project Deleite Design

Combined with white, it creates a fresh and very modern setting, perfect for a modern women’s bedroom; or male, why not.

Purple painted headboard wall

A color that is born from a mixture of red and blue, preserving the properties of both. Energetic, elegant and very modern.

Pearl gray.

Bedroom with pearl painted headboard wall

Elegant and calm color, except that it is one of the anti-colors, or neutral color par excellence; which means it combines with any other color.

Peppermint green.

The headboard wall is painted green in mint

Photo of reality and retrospectives and design by McKennable Instagram @mckennable

Mint green or mint green, one of the trendy colors of recent years along with pale pink.

Combined with white, it creates a very sophisticated and relaxing environment. Don’t you think so?

If you like green, you can see it here how to combine green.

Medium green.

The headboard wall is painted green

Photograph of furniture

There are thousands of shades of green, but the one we see in the picture above is a color that combines on the one hand the relaxation and freshness of green, along with the elegance of neutral colors.


Red painted headboard wall

We couldn’t have done this article without naming this color. Strong, with personality and full of energy. Combined with a very gentle gray or white color, it is perfect.

Grayish blue.

Bedroom with gray-blue headboard wall

Impeccably cool and relaxing. Infectious color perfect for injecting a dose of joy into the bedroom, especially when combined with white.

Also, since it is relatively grayish, it is more elegant.

If you knew a little, you can see this second article in which we see how to paint a room in two colors. Or this one with 100 room painting ideas.


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