The living room or lounge center are houses. It is not only used for eating or watching television, but for gathering friends, dinner with family, organizing meetings, etc. However, the limitations of these things seem to make it increasingly difficult to do the size of hallways or living rooms. And while we can’t make them grow like magic without doing the job, at best there are some tips we can apply to let the living room look bigger. Let’s see them.

How to make the living room bigger

Proper color choice. Many of us like dark and strong colors, but they are not well received in the dining room or small living room. Bright colors are needed for these cases. This does not mean that we can not go out of white and cream, we can also use yellow, blue, ivory, gray, … there is a large selection of colors that we can choose to paint a small room that is not dark or white.

Real furniture. If you are furnishing your small living room, before you buy that huge and beautiful sofa or that table for 10 or 12 people, you need to know that, obviously, the bigger the furniture, the smaller the living room or living room will be. We need to be practical and adapt to the circumstances, and if our living room is small, we need to choose furniture wisely. A few chairs, a small but practical table and a smaller but equally comfortable sofa will perfectly equip our living room and make it not look like a dwarf house.

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The more floors you see, the bigger the room will look. This is the golden rule that if we apply it properly, our living room will not look so small. See in your living room how much land you see, a lot or a little? If the answer is small, you need to lighten it and make it look more groundy. The living room, where you can hardly walk on the furniture, feels crowded even if you don’t look at it. On the other hand, a small room where you can walk calmly without kicking your feet and feet at every turn will give you a feeling of spaciousness, in the same way, without even looking at it.

Outside the thick dark curtains. As in other rooms, thick and dark curtains are not suitable for a small space unless we are interested in what makes our living room look small. Light and transparent curtains are the right choice.

Create a focal point. If we ingeniously create a focal point in the living room, all eyes will immediately go to that point, overlooking the small space. Television space, mirror, fireplace, whatever we want, we can make it the focus of the living room.

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