If we decide to paint our house and we will do it in several colors, before we buy them, if they are not very dark, light or strong tones, we can make them ourselves and save good money, with paints or paints as we shall see below.


Imagine painting a living room in two colors, a room of two others, a hallway of another, a room of another, which is already There are 6 colors, which at at least 25 euros of color is already 150 euros in colors only and for every new color we want we have to add at least another 25 euros.

Well, how can we make the colors cheaper, can we make them, how? With paints or paints and white plastic paint.

We explain how:

We buy white plastic paint, a bucket of medium quality 15 liters worth 40 euros, and then paint or dye.

Each bottle of paint costs a maximum of 5 euros, so if we buy basic colors that would be yellow, red, ocher (ocher is not the basic color, but it is practically important to make colors) green, blue and black, They would all cost us a maximum of 30 euros, which adds 70 euros to the extra 40 euros in large buckets of white plastic paint, not 150 euros, as it would be worth to us if we bought already made paints.

But like I said, the colors to make them yourself with colors must be bright and pastel colors, it cannot be very dark or alive, because the base with which you will make them with a white base which is a white plastic color. If we want dark colors, we have to buy them ready-made.

How to make different colors:

Red shade + Yellow shade = Orange

Blue shade + Red shade = Purple

Blue shade + Yellow shade = Green

Red shade + White shade = Rosa

Ocher shade + a few drops of yellow shade = Ivory

Blue shade + Black shade = Dark blue

Blue shade over white = Light blue

Yellow hue over white = Light yellow

Brown shade over white = Brown

Red hue on white = Pink or light red, depending on the amount of color we add

Green on white = Light green

If we want cream colors:

We always add ocher and then add a few drops of red, or yellow or orange, depending on the tone of cream we want.

Here you can buy paints and dyes to make paints.

Tips for making colors:

When we are preparing to make a color, the first thing is to have a very clear color that we want, either in the pattern or in the head.

We also need to consider how much paint we will need, so that we don’t spend more than we need or so that we don’t fall out.

It is better than not to miss it, because the disadvantage would be a problem, because to make exactly the same color using the same amount of colors as before, it is quite difficult, so it is better than not to miss it. After calculating the color we will use, we mix it with the required amount of water and we can start making the color.

To make the colors, we will do them very slowly, adding the colors little by little. Imagine you want light purple or fox, the colors to make this color would be red and blue, because you would start adding a little red and a little blue and you would move well, you want it to be darker, then do more, you want it to pull red because they make more red, the most important thing is to do it little by little, because after you spend putting colors there is no going back, so you see adding colors little by little and removing all the colors well until you find the color you want.

Another tip is that if we made a color that contains a lot of color, we will have to remove it from time to time, because colors tend to stay and if we don’t stir when we start painting, at first it will be color, and at the end it will be different, so when they have a lot of color, it is advisable to stir them while painting. Likewise, if we don’t have time to finish painting the same day, and we have to continue the next day, when we pick up the paint to paint again, we will remove it perfectly because the paint will remain unavailable.

Keep in mind that if we are looking for colors like bright red or orange, black or very dark colors, we cannot make them with colors, those colors must be made in a paint store.

See more color combinations.


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