Whether it is repairing floor irregularities, laying parquet, flooring, vinyl flooring, carpet, cork tiles, laying a new ceramic floor on top of another, you must always use a leveling paste to properly install the new floor.

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How to apply leveling paste step by step:

We must first check the condition of the old soil before applying the leveling paste.

If the floor is made of ceramic tiles, stoneware or tiles, we will use a rubber pot to check that they are all fixed, if not, we will fix them.

If the floor is made of wood, we will install the nails so that none protrude.

If the floor is cement and has small cracks, we will scrape them with a spatula and clean them with a metal brush. If the cracks on the floor are too thick, we will repair them with cement.

If the floor is painted, we will check if the paint adhered well. If not, we will lift it by removing or sanding so that the leveling paste adheres properly.

Having made sure that the old floor on which we are going to apply the leveling paste has adequate adhesion and hardness and that it is clean and dry, we can now apply the leveling paste.

The materials needed to apply the leveling paste are:

-Leveling paste. Depending on the brand, the approximate price is € 25 for each 25 kg bag.

– Bucket, suitcase or esportón for making the mixture.

– Masonic spatula.

-Blender. You don’t have to buy it, you can rent it by the day or by the hour.


-Level bar.

All of these materials and tools can be purchased at home maintenance and maintenance stores or department stores such as Leroy Merlin.

How to prepare a leveling paste.

Pour the leveling paste into a bucket, add water and mix the mixture with a blender, or if you fail, paddle until a paste comes in without lumps and well creamy, neither too thick nor too liquid and let the paste stand for 5 minutes.

When 5 minutes of rest have passed, little by little we pour in the leveling paste, always starting from the corner of the floor so that it spreads. We will take special care to get into the holes, cracks and imperfections on the old floor.

We regularly spread the paste with a spatula to level the surface, and with the help of a leveling tape we level the height of the leveling paste.

Once all the floor has been leveled, we must let the leveling paste dry for at least 48 hours (or as the leveling paste manufacturer advises us to do) before laying any new floor. And before we set it, we need to check that the paste is completely dry, hard and free of cracks or imperfections. After we do this last procedure, we can install a new floor, be it vinyl, floor, new tiles, cork, carpet or anything else.


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