It’s no longer just because you live in a rented house, homeowners don’t sit very well with them make holes in the wall, no one likes to have to drill a wall to hang a picture, shelf, towel rack, clock, bookshelf or simple hanger Among other things.


Not so long ago drilling holes in a wall was the only option we had to hang, but today we have a lot of them available solutions for hanging items without drilling holes in the wall.

So, if you are interested in this topic, keep reading, because today I have prepared a post with a few of them solutions for hanging things on walls without drilling holes. Let’s see them.

Hang shelves, shelves and mirrors on the wall without drilling holes

We can hang from shelves, shelves, mirrors, and even some furniture without the need for holes in the walls, because we have several effective solutions for hanging all these heavier things without the need for a hole in the wall, like one of the most effective adhesives for this, that of Pattex, Pattex No More Nails.


In addition, if we are not concerned about this because the wall is stained right where we will hang the object, we can use neutral silicone with high adhesion or already known assembly glue “No more nails” from Pattex, now available in a transparent form, so it is not visible, and we can buy it here>

Another solution for hanging this type of heavier item is tape or double-sided tape. This is an adhesive tape that is first glued to the wall and then to the object to be hung. They are very resistant and carry a significant weight, depending on the model we buy.

double-sided-tape-mirrors_ shelf_ shelfBuy double-sided tape on Amazon

While these solutions are perfect for not having holes in the wall and hanging certain items, to avoid problems, we must always adhere to and not exceed the manufacturer’s instructions, which indicate how to use and the weight they support. We can buy them here>

Hang pictures on the wall without drilling holes

To hang pictures on the wall without making holes we can resort 3M Tiras Command. They are some adhesive velcro tape with special wall glue, which means that when we want to remove them from the wall, will leave no trace.

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They are first glued to the wall by joining the adhesive part of the tape to the wall. They are then glued in the same way to the frame on the back, leaving the velcro part of the strip visible. And we attach the picture to the wall by attaching Velcro. Easy isn’t it?

Although these straps are designed for hanging pictures, we can also use them for example for hang a wall clock without making holes or other decorative elements.

Command adhesive tapes are available in three sizes. For large images we have large strips that carry 1.8 kg, for medium images with a weight of 1 kg we have medium strips that we can buy here in a package with medium and large, and for slightly smaller images the strips are of little use.

And if we have to hang pictures that weigh more than 2 pounds, we can use sticky hooks or sticky nails. And from a range of commands and of course designed to avoid performance there are no holes in the wall.

Hang towels, pictures and other accessories in the bathroom or kitchen without drilling holes

The bathroom and kitchen are two rooms where the walls are mostly used for hanging all kinds of items. Mirrors, cloth hooks, towels, small shelves, paintings, etc.


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In this case we need very resistant adhesion since its use is more continuous, the weight of what we hang is higher, and the surface on which we will put it usually has moisture, because these are usually tiles.

In these cases we can resort Straps and extremely strong hooks from the Command range Yes we can buy here. They work the same as Command adhesive tapes for pictures, but with extremely strong glue that allows us to easily hang a wet towel, coat or a small shelf for gels, for example.

Attach or hang cables from walls without drilling holes


We have already talked about that in Mil Ideas, loose cables destroy the decoration of the house. That is why we always see cables secured with typical staples through the door moldings and frames.

While they perform these functions perfectly, there are places where it is more desirable use cable ties.

They are some adhesive tapes also from the 3M Command range that are glued to the wall and one a small cable tie holds the cable No holes and guaranteed to remove them without leaving a trace on the wall. We can buy them here>

And you How do you hold and hang things on the wall without drilling and making holes? Do you have any tricks? I read you in the comments.


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