In terms of its consumption, the manufacturer says that it consumes 278w in normal mode and 283w in turbo mode, which is a button that works much faster when you press the dehumidifier.

Honestly, we didn’t notice anything on the electricity bill, at least not anything that alarmed us. I can’t give you more information because I’m not an electrician nor do I understand much of these problems, but I can assure you that we put them on almost daily for 3 or 4 hours and didn’t notice anything on the electricity bill.

But this does not end here, because this dehumidifier is great for small, medium and large bedrooms, as well as for large living rooms.

But if you think you’re going to put it in a corner of the house, you’ll turn it on and in a few hours you’ll have the whole house without moisture, no, it doesn’t reach that level.

It may reach that level in small apartments, but not in large houses.

If you need something stronger, then we have to align and choose another with greater power, such as Philips Serie 3000 AC3256 / 10, which has the ability to remove moisture from the air in the space of 95 square meters.

Philips dehumidifier

Naturally, its price is higher, because here on Amazon it costs 449 euros, but it is one of the most useful and appreciated by users.

If you really want to remove moisture from your home, you need an electric dehumidifier. If you’ve tried home remedies and have a lot of moisture, you’ll see a difference you’ll notice. I have no words to explain it to you.

Let’s move on to more tips for removing moisture from the house.

HOW TO PREVENT humidity in the house

Although there are remedies for removing moisture at home, as we have just seen, we can also reduce or be more aware when we increase humidity at home and prevent it, as we will see below.

You can get simple gestures like the ones we’ll see below, to avoid or keep moisture at home, or at least to reduce the possible look.

Ventilate the house whenever you can.

Ventilation of the house creates drafts that reduce moisture.

This is one of the most effective ways to reduce the humidity percentage of a house in record time.

Repair pipes and other imperfections that cause moisture.

Obviously, if we have a leak from a washing machine, sink, shower, or any other element that leaks water, we need to fix it to avoid moisture problems.

Once the leak is repaired, we will continue to repair the moisture; Here you can see how to clean the moisture and repair the wall or ceiling.

Take advantage of the fans.

Remember, air currents remove moisture because they promote evaporation.

Avoid long showers.

The longer the shower, the more steam there will be.

So ventilate the bathroom well or make sure the exhaust fan is working properly.

Avoid laying indoors.

Unless you have other options, always put your clothes outside to dry; that way it will not expel moisture from the house.

Replace air conditioning filters and possible exhaust fans.

If the filters become clogged, airflow slows down and moisture condenses more easily in your home.

Maintain filter maintenance regularly to prevent any of this from happening to you.

Turning on the stove or fireplace.

In addition to air, another factor that removes moisture is heat. But dry and constant heat, like a stove or radiator.

It is not always possible, but it is another effective way to remove moisture at home.

While these tips are useful and effective, it must be recognized that when a certain area is humid, as in my case, we don’t fall below 90% humidity in the winter, no matter how many tricks we use, we always need to use dehumidifiers if we really want get rid of moisture.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you already know that you can leave a comment that I will be happy to answer.

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