Are you thinking about having home domotizada but you have no idea where to start?

Over the last few years smart homes They have evolved a lot and it is now very common for everyone to prepare for a very measured investment.

That is why we want to teach you in this post how you can prepare your home using home automation From the beginning.

Start at the beginning: select a voice assistant

How to home automate your home from scratch

In order for a domotized house to work, it needs to have central axis This is your voice assistant.

Although there are several options on the market, there are three that stand out for their versatility:

  • Alexa.
  • Google Now.
  • Siri.

That is, options Amazon, Google Y. Apple.

Therefore, we will tell you below which are the main ones advantages and disadvantages each of the options. With all the cards on the table, you can decide in a much more convenient way.

Alexa: why choose Amazon’s virtual assistant?

Alexa: Start domotizing your home

Amazon has been betting heavily on Alexa for some time.

According to the latest company report, there are already more than 28,000 supported devices from 4,500 different manufacturers:

  • Light bulbs.
  • Plugs
  • Speakers.
  • Switches

Today, it is a voice device with the largest ecosystem that exists and one of the most recommended options.

Google Now: He has a place in this dance too

So you can automate your home with Google Now

Google has always been interested in this market and that is why it was launched many years ago.

As the company reported, there are more than 10,000 compatible devices and enjoy more advanced voice assistant, thanks to the company’s own search engine.

If the Amazon option doesn’t convince you, here’s one an alternative for the whole audience.

Siri and Apple’s Homepod: the last to join this adventure

HomePod and Siri

Even though it will seem to you now that it was in another life, Siri he was the first voice assistant to access a cell phone.

However, although the competition has evolved a lot over the years, Siri is stuck.

Few years ago, Apple has released HomePod. A device that has become a central element of your home automation. However, supports only about 250 devices.

Although Apple is gradually opening its hands to work with more brands, the reality is that today it is still an uninteresting option.

Did you choose your voice assistant? It’s time to start domotizing!

No matter which virtual assistant you choose, now is the time to start automating your home.

So far you have only come to the beginning. The next step is to start building a smart home.

  • Smart light bulbs.
  • Plugs
  • Thermostats
  • Cleaning.

And much more.

And besides, in this first part how to automate your home from scratch we will stay at the beginning.

If you are interested in the topic and want to know more, remember that you can leave it in the comments. We read you!

Smart bulbs: light at your fingertips

Smart light bulbs

Smart light bulbs are one of the most interesting options for home automation.

  • You will save energy.
  • You will decorate your home.
  • You will improve your comfort.

And all that, using voice commands or from your mobile phone.

Installing them is really easy. You will only need it connecting bridge you will need to connect it to WiFI.

Sockets: make smart what hasn’t been before

Smart plugs for home automation

They are one of the most useful purchases you can make.

These are the plugs that connect to the outlet and the device you want to control intelligently.

This way, the plug will respond to your orders and allow you to manage it via a virtual assistant.

Thermostat: savings and comfort at your fingertips

So you can work with a smart thermostat

These are the kinds of tools that once you try them out, you will not be able to live without them.

They allow you to control the temperature in your home from a mobile phone or any other device, even if you are not at home.

Imagine returning home after a tiring day and waiting at the perfect temperature.

Wouldn’t that be worth it?

Cleaning thanks to a robotic vacuum cleaner

Home cleaning with home automation

As far as we know, this artifact is saved the lives of many couples.

While it may seem like a simple cleaning device, the reality is as it is high-tech devices who will be in charge of cleaning your home.

It is worth a look and a try. You will never want to reach for a broom again!

And so far this first part how to automate your home from scratch.

If you liked the post, leave us in the comments, and we will continue to create content like this to help you live in a very smart home at a low price.

In addition, we would like to know what questions you have. Put them in the comments and we’ll get back to you right away!


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