Mugs are an important element of any home. These are practical elements we have, without stopping for a moment to think that these cups not only make our lives easier, but we can personalize and decorate them to add a decorative touch to our table, kitchen or place where we allow them to be served. So today we thought it would be good to talk about it how to decorate ceramic cups and dishes.


To get personalized cups, we can do two things, buy them already made in a specialty decoration store or website, which saves your work but is more expensive, or make them yourself within minutes, decorate them to our liking and save our pockets. As you know, in Milideas we love Do the projects yourself, and we always offer you the cheapest and most fun options, so let’s focus on cHow to decorate your own cups in a few simple steps.


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You will need the following materials to decorate the cups:

– 1 white cup (or cup and plate, or anything you want to decorate)

– Special markers for ceramics

– Oven

The first thing we recommend is to be clear about what you are going to draw. To do this, you can practice drawing that you want to make on a sheet of paper, cardboard, cardboard, etc. After you practice, you just have to take a special ceramic marker and paint our favorite drawing on the cup.

If this is your first decoration cup and you don’t feel very safe, our advice is to start with simple things, dots, flowers, hearts, simple letters with messages … you can also use borders, there are thousands to download from the Internet or for inspiration. Although we tell you one thing, if you are good at drawing and dare to come up with more detailed illustrations, don’t be afraid to go!

Finally, after we have the decorated cup, the next thing will be to put it in the oven for 30 minutes at 150 degrees. After that time, take it out of the oven, taking care not to burn it with a cloth or a special oven glove and leave it to dry. The thermal process to which we subjected the cup, together with a special ceramic marker, will make the drawing penetrate into the ceramic as if it were part of it, making it practically indelible.

In order not to erase the drawing or lose the color, it is desirable to wash them by hand and always with a soft scrubbing pad that does not draw the drawings.

As you can see, these are two very simple steps that anyone can take.

You can buy markers in craft shops or online. There are many brands, colors, models and prices, the only thing you will have to consider is that they are special for ceramics.

We found a great assortment in Amazon, if you are interested from here, you can take a look and buy the one you like best.


They also sell kits containing felt-tip pens, a porcelain cup and a spoon. The good thing about these markers is that they don’t need drying in the oven. Its price is € 12.70, and you can buy it by clicking here.

If you need a little more inspiration for drawings, we have put together some very simple designs for decorating ceramic cups:






Photo: Thefoxandshe

As you can see, this technique is so simple that you can do it even with your children who will surely enjoy it a lot. customizing your own breakfast mugs, and if you are good at it and want to continue decorating, you can paint porcelain, coffee sets, teapots … in short, everything from porcelain.

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