Thanks to the different types of wall coverings we have today (paints, papers, etc.) we can create unique spaces tailored to our taste. But unlike curtains, blankets or rugs, walls can’t be put in the washing machine remove stains from dirt which they have. Because be sure that, due to toddlers in the house or splashes, scratches and other factors, stains on the walls it will appear sooner or later.

stain cleaning wall

Therefore, if we do not want to paint again, we must resort to certain strategies to solve these small problems. Depending on the type of paint or coating we decorate the walls with, we will clean them one way or another.

Walls that those that are painted with satin or glossy paint are best cleaned, or water-based enamel. This type of paint is very resistant and easily resists scratches. To clean this type of wall it is best to use a damp cloth or sponge with water and some kind of detergent, and the cloth or sponge is new. Just rub the stain a few times with light strokes until it is removed. To dry it, use a cloth that does not leave hair or hairs.

If the color is matte and not very good quality, it is more difficult to remove the stainWe can try with a new cloth, moistened in water and a little detergent and lightly give a few additions. If we rub a lot and forcefully, we will leave more stains than there were. Particular care must be taken if the walls are smooth, as the stain will be much more noticeable on a smooth wall than, for example, on a hotel. To dry it, use a cloth that does not leave hair or hairs.

If the walls what are we going to clean up are decorated with wallpaperDepending on the type of paper, they will clean better or worse. The best stain cleaning paper is vinyl paperbecause it has a vinyl film that protects the paper and you can wipe it with a new damp cloth. If the paper is of poor quality and not vinyl, you must rub very carefully with a damp cloth with water and detergent or soap, if we rub a lot we can damage the paper.

Particular care should be taken with paper that has a decorative finish such as velvet paper or imitation fabric or metal, because if we rub more than necessary, we can remove this finish in the stained area.

There are articles that can help us in this task. For example wet wipes are great for removing stains from walls Well, they are clean, moist and contain an ideal soapy stain removal solution. Depending on what type of paint or wall we are going to rub with more or less force as we explained earlier.

There is another product specifically designed for this purpose, such as magic erasers. They are some sponges that are specially made to remove stains on the wall, are sold at any drugstore, supermarket and paint store or here on Amazon. The famous brand is Don Limpio which has a magic eraser to remove stains from the wall which works very well. Of course, use it gently. It’s a sponge that gets wet in water, and then you have to rub the wall to remove the stain.

If you cannot remove the stain after using these products and tips, all you can do is repaint.

Stain cleaning tips:

-Clean the wall of dust before cleaning the stain. Even if you don’t see it with the naked eye, the walls get a lot of dust, and if we wet the wall with a cloth and there is dust, we will stain it irreversibly.

– Never rub the stain too hard. The only thing you get with this is to prolong the stain more. Just tap lightly until it subsides.

Here you can see a video about 3 effective ways to easily clean wall stains.


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