In the hottest months you have installed some awnings on windows, balconies or terraces it becomes almost necessary, because they are the perfect allies who keep the sun at a distance, withstanding high temperatures, providing the necessary shade to our home. The Acrylic canvas is the most common material we usually see in awnings, and usually have an average lifespan of between 10 and 15 years, also depending on its quality, and the care and maintenance we have with it.


Maintenance of canvas awnings as the first day not a difficult task, because everything with need cleaning with products we all have on hand at home and some small ones maintenance tips which we will give you and a little physical effort on our part, we can have clean and in good condition awnings, almost like the first day. You will see some in this article basic tips for the care, maintenance and cleaning of awnings.

Basic care.


In order for the awning to last for many years, it is necessary to follow these tips:

If your awning does not have an automatic collection device, you must always collect it in case of rain, wind and snow.

In case it rains and gets wet, we will have to wait for it to dry, because if we roll it wet, mold can form on the surface.

Whenever we collect the awning, we will notice that nothing interferes with its collection and that it is not anchored to the chains, it is important not to force it.

Always consult professionals in case of breakages or breakdowns, they advise an annual inspection of the awning, usually after or before the summer (which is then most often used), so that in case of any deterioration in time locate it according to the severity of the problem. matter does not go any further.

Awning maintenance:


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Clean or brush the canvas regularly (weekly would be perfect) to remove dust and dirt that forms for days. If it’s easier for you, you can also vacuum. In return, we will also clean metal or aluminum surfaces to avoid the formation of mold.

Treat stains as soon as possible, because the more time passes, the more it costs to remove. To remove stains from the canvas we will always use mild soap, cloths and cold or warm water. (Below we tell you how to clean them) And for metal parts it is advisable to use certain metal products.

Forget about cleaning metal areas with cleaners or elements that can scratch aluminum, we must always use a soft cloth, for example micro fibers or brushes with very soft bristles.

If you have a manual with the manufacturer’s instructions with your awning, it will never hurt to look at it, because depending on the quality of the awning, the washing methods may differ.

Awning cleaning.


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Professionals recommend cleaning canvas awnings at least once a year, depending on the area in which you live and the amount of atmospheric components.

To clean canvas awnings we will need the following materials:

– Mild detergent.

– Hot water.

– Soft cloths or brushes with soft bristles.

– liquid sprayer (can be large)

– Stairs.

– Vaseline.

How to proceed:

Fill the basin or bucket with 50% water and 50% detergent and pour this mixture into a sprayer or sprinkler (if you do not want to buy it, for example, we can use a multi-purpose sprayer, previously well washed).

Next, we take the ladder and very carefully spray it abundantly on the awning canvas. We rub the cloth or brushes well all over the area, although if it is very large and we do not get to the surfaces well, instead of cloths or brushes we can use the broom we washed before.

Once purified we will continue rinsing. To do this, it is most comfortable and effective to use a hose. If you don’t have it, fill the bucket with water and toss it over the top until the soap is removed.

In the end, we will give a special treatment to the moving parts and hinges, applying a little Vaseline or oil.

Important and obvious:

If your awning is difficult to access when cleaning, you are in no way in danger. Always consult professionals, as they may advise you to clean, or they may advise you to change the canvas instead of cleaning it, as it is sometimes cheaper when dirt or wear is already excessive.

Another detail to mention is that setting up an awning is considered a minor affair, which means you are required by law to seek permits from City Hall and pay appropriate fees, although in most cases this is not done. It’s considered the same as when you work from home, so you understand us. You should also seek approval from the community president, in case you live in a neighboring community, and provide references and an awning model so that it does not conflict with other awnings of other houses.

We hope these tips help you clean and maintain awnings as new.

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