For those who are extremely lucky to have a pool at home, they will already prepare it or many have already done so and enjoy pleasant baths in these hot days. But the pool does not take care of itself, it needs maintenance that cannot be left lightly. Depending on what the pool is like, if full or empty, cleansed one way or another obviously. We will see how to clean a pool both ways.

How to clean an empty pool:

Photo: clean bottom of the pool.

Well, the first thing is safety, and to clean it, we will need salfuman which is a really chemically strong product, we will get a carbon filter mask, acid gloves and clothes that you don’t mind throwing away after use. You also need to make sure that there is no one around you like children or pets when you do this task, once we have all the protective material, we can start cleaning the pool.

First we sweep the whole pool removing the leaves, mud and all the dirt and leave it completely clean.

Now pour the salfuman into a large bowl. Mercadona sells salfuman which works very well. Impregnate the walls of this product with a brush, being very generous towards it, ie applying it abundantly. You will see that the reaction is as if it has boiled and will release some kind of steam that is better not to inhale, so you need a mask.

Let it work for 5 or 10 minutes, then clean all the walls with plenty of water. When I say copious, I don’t think there’s any salfuman residue either, you have to bathe and bathe the walls with water using a hose. Do not use a carcher or other pressurized water machine, as its pressure will surely remove more than one tile. When we are done with the walls, start with the floor.

With this, what we do is clean the lime, bacteria and all the dirt from the pool to refill it.

Before you start cleaning, you have to put a bilge pump in the sink, at the bottom, so that all the salfuman that we remove does not leak through the sink. But be careful where you throw it, because if it touches plants or grass, it will kill them.

After the pool is cleaned, you can repair cracks or replace broken tiles. And on top, and leave the pool like gold jets, clean the tile with a glass cleaner, since the tile is glass, they will be shiny and perfectly clean. And finally, as protection with a roller and brush, cover the entire interior of the bottom of the pool, glass or soil as you want to call it concentrated anti-algae.

When you’re all done, you can recharge it and enjoy the pool this summer.

How to clean a pool filled with water:

Photo: by the pool

If you don’t empty the pool in the winter, it may be that when you go to use it in the summer, the water is green, it’s due to algae colonies, and although the purifier works during the winter, it doesn’t disinfect the water, just to filter it.

To solve this problem and leave the pool in perfect condition, first check that the filter is perfect, and even if it is fine with the naked eye, wash and rinse the filter, and if it is sand check that the condition and quantity are in good condition.

Then clean the pool walls with a brush. Then adjust the pH to 7.0 or 7.2 so that the chlorine is working properly, if it is not at that level, the chlorine will not work as it should.

This is followed by shock treatment, by adding liquid chlorine, about 40 liters for every 50,000 liters of water, this chlorine is thrown directly into the pool water. Then add 200 grams of trichloro grains through one of the skimmers. Before performing this whole shock process, you must ensure that the pH is between 7 and 7.4 and the water temperature is 25 degrees.

Leave the equipment on the filtration for 12 to 24 hours until the water in the pool becomes clear.

If the water looks clear, add pelleted flocculant to the engine prefilter, instead of a skimmer, if possible.

In this way the problem of green water in the pool should be solved and again have clean and clear water to enjoy the pool in summer.


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