While when we talk about real estate agents, we almost always think about attracting homes for sale, there is also the possibility of doing so for rent.

In fact, you can use a a very specific strategy to manage to attract the attention of these types of owners and get them to give you a house to find the perfect tenant.

And that’s exactly what you’ll discover in this post.

Country photography: from purchase to rental

Rent in Spain

As you know, Spain has changed a lot in recent years. Since the bursting of the housing balloon in 2008, nothing is the same.

The economic difficulties that most Spaniards went through and the arrival of a millennial generation with a completely different mentality changed the rules of the game.

The interest in buying the house they own has decreased so much, while other aspects related to “living life” have increased.

However, these same numbers confirm that the only big difference is how long they wait for that moment in which they feel yes or have to buy that property.

How to attract homeowners who want to rent their home

The big difference between buying and renting is that in the second case, your procedures are much easier.

While it’s obvious that a sales operation leaves you with significantly higher commissions, you need to take good care of that lease.

  • They are much easier to execute.
  • They hardly need your intervention.
  • They leave you a small commission that also adds up.

So, if these are operations so simple that they almost work on their own, what is your goal?

Your goal is to attract owners who want to own your home and make them trust you in carrying out all the procedures.

Digital sessions – guess many owners to find the perfect candidates

Leasing digital sessions

For a long time – and still is done by many real estate agents today -, marketing strategies they are completely separate from the internet world.

And although they have succeeded in most cases, you who read this blog can do much better.

And when I say a lot, it’s a lot of truth.

Therefore, I will devise a strategy that will allow you to talk to a group of owners at the same time and offer your proposal to all of them in parallel.

Do it live: Resolve potential customers ’doubts via video calling

We will consider some of the most important concepts when it comes to getting an owner to give you your home.

What is crucial for me to give you yes I want?

The self-confidence.

The clearest way for a person to give you their property so you can rent or sell it is just trust.

To create that trust there is nothing better than talk to her and resolve all your doubts.

But if you had to do it that way, you could hardly sell them faster than the traditional method.

And here comes this strategy.

Well, instead of doing personalized sessions one by one, what we’re going to do is Mentoring or counseling, where you talk to 5 or 10 owners at the same time.

Consulting? And what do I get out of it?

Rental consulting

Don’t you see him yet?

If you do small sessions with a few clients who are willing to rent your property, you can resolve your doubts without haste.

By unhurriedly resolving their doubts, many will trust you in the future. They will recommend your services and even Parchees.

During that conversation, you should repeatedly state the fact that, as a professional, you are in charge of helping other people like them achieve this result.

If you do everything right, every time you finish this session, there will be more people asking you the following:

“Is this how much you’re doing to me?”

And with that question, you will know that the whole process succeeded and that it was worth the time and effort we put into this project.

The final part is up to you

Everything I’ve told you is great, but it won’t help if you can’t rent a house at the end of the game.

Therefore, now that the first client has arrived, it is necessary to leave the skin to achieve that result.

The faster and more efficient you are, the more likely that person will recommend you to their acquaintances when looking for an expert.

And that will be just the beginning of the snowball effect …


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