To decorate the living room You need to understand the needs of the people who inhabit it, as well as their taste, their lifestyle, the architecture of the house, study the lighting and orientation and other factors that are unique in each house.

But even so, as we recently saw 10 rules for decorating a room that are, say, universal, that is, can be applied to any room, there are some steps that, regardless of the room, always work and that’s what I want to teach you today, so you can see how to decorate a living room or much improve its decoration, by following these steps.

That being said, believe me when I tell you that if you follow the steps, even just some of them, you can decorate your living room or at least improve its decoration a lot. And they are not heavy at all.

Keep in mind that we have started.

Choose a color palette to decorate your living room

As you’ll see at the end of the article, it’s all about aligning, creating balance, that your entire room is coherent.

For that create a color palette to decorate your living room.

It’s easier than you think, stick with me and you’ll see.

How to do?

Easy, you need it select and create your own color palette based on 3 colors.

I don’t think that your living room can have more than 3 colors, but everyone who entered your living room and when asked about the main colors they see in it, would have to tell you only three. Are you following me?

No matter what they are as long as you and your family love them. You can already have these colors in the living room, applied to the floor and furniture.

In fact, these colors also count. That is to say, It doesn’t add three colors to what you already have, don’t; is that throughout the living room, including the furniture and the floor you already have, there are 3 main colors.

Like I said, it’s not that there have to be only three colors, which would be practically impossible. But the 3 main colors should be clearly visible. Take a look at this example to see what I want to tell you:

Living room decorated in 3 colors

Photography and design @Fruspilde

There are 3 clearly defined colors in this room, pink, black and gray. See?

But in addition to these main colors, there are also white and wood tones.

Like I told you, it would be practically impossible if there were only three colors.

When creating a color palette and make 3 main colors that will be perceived in the living room, you have taken a giant step in decorating your living room. You will notice the huge change your space has given you.

Just look in the upstairs room. You may like its decoration and selected colors or not, but what you can’t deny is that it is a balanced and coherent room.

So find your color palette and add it.

This can be by painting on the walls or wallpaper, for example. But if you don’t want to paint the walls, you don’t have to find your three colors, see the room below this section:

How to decorate a modern living room in white, wood and black

Interior Design Nook Architects Photo by Yago Partal

There is no color on the walls, but even so, 3 colors are clearly visible: wood tones, black and white. And all this is put into furniture and coatings.

See what I mean?

In any case, present 3 main colors.

You may not need to add anything else. Maybe just removing color from your living room you already achieve that there are only 3 and align the whole space.

Take a good look at your living room, in the colors that exist. Is there anything left? Can you easily remove or change it? Forward.

Let’s go now a step further to further enhance this technique in three colors which we just saw.

It doesn’t matter, nor does it have to be followed to the letter every time the room is decorated, but like I said at the beginning, all these steps will help you to decorate and improve your living room. You decide which ones to follow and which ones not.

The 60% – 30% – 10% rule governs your living room

Well, once you get your palette, you can improve it by distributing colors in a certain percentage, using the rule of 60% – 30% – 10%.

As you can imagine, this rule determines that one of the colors, the main one, whatever you choose, is in 60% of the room, the other, the secondary, in 30% of the room, and the other, it gives a decorative accent in 10% of the room.

I don’t know if it sounds very complicated, but trust me, It’s easier than it seems and with this example we see below you will be very clear:

Living room decorated in three colors

The main color is pale yellow or ivory which is used to paint your walls. Let’s say 60% of the room wears this color.

The second color would be white, we see it in the curtains and sofa that occupies 30% of the room.

And the third color, the one that takes up 10% is turquoise, in pads and poufs.

As before, you may like its decoration and colors, but what you can’t deny is that it has balance and harmony, right?

Also, note that there are other colors, such as brown furniture or earthy carpet tones. It is very difficult for a room to have only 3 unique colors, but you can highlight 3 to stand out above the rest, creating your own color palette to decorate the room.

What colors to choose to decorate the living room?

Well, I can’t answer this question in general, because like I said before, everyone has their own taste, their living room is in a certain way, they use certain furniture, there is certain lighting and it has a different architecture.

My advice is to start with your favorite color, with one color you want to decorate your living room.

For example, it can be red. Suppose you like the color red.

Ok, you already have the main color, find two others that match red and create your own color palette.

If you have any questions or need me to find your colors, stop by the Landscaping Consultations where they can do all the work for you.

You can also see this article with 45 ideas for painting the living room in two colors, or this one with 50 ideas for decorating a modern living room, or this one where I recommend 10 colors for painting the living room.

Get inspired and find a palette to decorate your living room. Now you know how to apply it.

If you have any questions, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer.

Now let’s see another step so you can see how to decorate the living room. We put colors aside and focus on materials.

Create balance and harmony with the materials

Basically this step is very similar to the previous color, but in this case with the materials.

However, unlike the 3 colors I recommended earlier, in this case there is no specific number of materials to add.

In fact, you can have as much material as you want, as long as they complement each other.

In fact, the eclectic style is based on adding different pieces and materials, but with order and harmony that is not easy to achieve for someone who has no idea about decoration, but which we interior designers use a lot, like this room we see below, designed by Gärna Design studio, where we see a very interesting merging of materials, but all in a balanced way. Pay attention.

Living room decorated in earthy tones

Photo by Lupe Clemente

A beautiful room, in which metal, glass, fabrics, ceramics, wood, tapestries and everything else are in perfect balance. Would you know how to combine all these striking materials in the same harmony?

Simplify. Don’t complicate things, you can achieve the perfect decoration without using so much material or so much contrast. Let’s look at an example:

Room decorated in brown and cream tones

Photograph of furniture

This beautiful room we see above this passage has everything I have explained so far in this article.

First look at their colors: There are 3 main ones: brown, cream and pink accents.

And now look at their materials: These are mostly wood and textiles.

You may more or less like the decoration and style of this room, but it must be admitted that it is completely balanced and in harmony.

And if you look closely, its decoration is very simple. Nothing of a lot of material, not a lot of color, no unnecessary noise.

The color palette is properly selected and applied, just like the materials.

Are you following me?

Simplify the materials and you will create harmony in your living room.

As you can see, if you follow these steps to decorate your living room, you will be able to decorate your own or, at least, greatly improve its decoration.

Of course, there are many more tricks and rules, like symmetry or rhythm, among other things, but we’ll see them in another article. For now, you already have to start arranging the living room with a certain order and meaning.

Do you have any doubts? Leave a comment to help you.

And if you wanted more, here are all the articles for decorating the living room that are published on the blog. You are sure to find what you need.


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