April 23, 2019

We already have the heat and there is very little left to start enjoying the best: water. And even more so if we are lucky enough to have our own pool at home or a pool we can escape to during the heat.

But while at first glance pools seem to have all the advantages, they also have a lot of work to do. To perform proper maintenance, you need to dedicate time to cleaning to enjoy the water in the best conditions.

If you have a pool to take care of, in this post you will learn the best cleaning tips and tricks. And if you don’t want to do all this work, you can also ask for an offer from this link. You already know that Multihelpers always helps you make your home as good as possible!


Whether manually or automatically, cleaning the bottom of the pool is essential in pool care. This type of cleaning is usually done when we see a dirty pool, but it is preferable to do it once a week.

how to clean a pool

This prevents the formation of microorganisms that can infect the water, thus avoiding the problems that can arise due to its pollution. In addition, the water will look much cleaner.

Follow this procedure and you can easily clean the bottom of a very dirty pool.


There are different steps to properly clean the bottom. Here we leave you to prepare the dishes and the steps you need to follow to leave the bottom of the pool in perfect condition.


The first is to know what we need to clean the bottom of the pool in the right way. In addition, the pool must be prepared for cleaning.

how to clean a pool

To do this, what you need to know is that you need to turn off the electricity from the pool. You must also close the lower intake valve and skimmer valve. Leave open only the suction or cleaning valve and the selector valve that you must set to filter mode.


When the pool is ready, it’s time to use the pool cleaner. You must connect the hose with one of its ends to the socket that contains this cleaner.

Once this is done, fill the hose with water to prevent air from entering it. When it is full, put the cleaner in the water and connect it to the suction socket that the pool itself has.

how to clean a pool

If the cleaner is automatic, the cleaning will start from the bottom and you will have to wait for it to finish properly. However, if the pool cleaner is manual, you will need to move it until you get the right result.


When cleaning, various problems can occur. On the one hand, it may be that the water stops coming out of the impellers or that a small amount comes out. In this case, the filter may be saturated, so it is recommended that you clean it first.

how to clean a pool

Although this does not happen, after you have finished cleaning the bottom of the pool, we recommend that you perform this type of filter cleaning to prevent this from happening in the future and damaging the pump.

Also take advantage of the fact that you are cleaning to check the condition of the Skimmers filters and clean them by removing all the dirt. This will make this job more efficient and avoid bigger problems.


The movable pool has a number of advantages. You don’t always need to take up space, and you can only prepare it for dates when it’s needed. In addition, there are currently removable pools that have nothing to envy other pools.

So you need to know the best tricks for cleaning these types of pools, especially so as not to get too dirty. Finally, preventing excessive pool contamination helps to avoid a lot of work every summer.

how to clean a pool


The first thing you need to know is that a good pool filter with an effective filtration system will prevent you from having to clean as often. Furthermore, removable pools currently allow the use of this type of filter.


As with other types of pools, the source often used for this type of cleaning is to use a net to remove leaves, insects or other types of things that could have fallen into the water. Some larger pools also allow the use of lower vacuum cleaners to clean any dirt that may have remained.


When we spend time without caring for the pool, it is common that when we use it again the water is green. This means that algae have taken over your beautiful pool.

how to clean a pool

Let’s look at what procedure needs to be done to address this. Anyway, in this same post we also explain what treatments you need to carry out to avoid this type of problem. These are treatments that can be done year-round to prevent algae from coming out.


The first thing to do is perform an analysis to determine where the problem in your pool is coming from. To do this, you must use a chemical analysis kit to check the level of chlorine and PH in the water. If these chlorine levels are below 1 ppm, algae growth may be a problem.

To prevent this from happening, proper maintenance must be carried out throughout the year and pool filters must be properly maintained. Anyway, in case we failed to prevent it, we will have to treat the water to fix it.


The first thing to do is to bring the PH level between 7.2 and 7.6 in order to treat the water better. To do this, add sodium carbonate in case you need to raise the level or sodium bisulfate in case you need to lower it. If you start the pool engine, you will get that these products come everywhere equally.

The next step is to wash the filter and check its operation. Keep in mind that you will need to work 24 hours to remove the algae to be able to filter them all out. Check the condition of the filter and wash it.

how to clean a pool

The last step before water treatment is to rub the walls of the pool to remove the algae that have stuck to the area. This way the chemicals work better.

Be careful if your pool is made of vinyl, in which case you must use a scrubbing brush as the wire can damage the surface. Also, focus your efforts on the areas with the largest accumulations of algae.

Green pool cleaning treatment

In order to reverse the situation in which the water turned green, shock treatment must be prepared. These types of treatments contain a large amount of chlorine, so the algae will disappear quickly.

It is recommended to choose a strong shock treatment with 70% chlorine. In the treatment package you will see the most optimal instructions for use. Also, if you have a large amount of algae in the pool, you may need to treat it several times.

how to clean a pool

When the chlorine level falls below 5.0 again, apply algecidic treatment for a period of 24 hours. When you’re done, clean the filter often to remove dead algae.

Finally, use a lower vacuum to remove any dead algae. This will complete the cleaning of the pool. In any case, don’t forget to measure the level of chemicals in your pool to make sure that the water is healthy and that you can swim in it.

If algae appear to come out again, repeat the procedure so that they are completely eliminated. Also keep in mind that pool care must be maintained by good water disinfection so that these types of problems do not recur.


Water disinfection is a very important point for cleaning the pool. At the end of the day, it is very important to keep the water disinfected to avoid diseases caused by bacteria or fungi, which is why pool disinfection is so important.

how to clean a pool


You will need to use products like chlorine for this. This is most important because it acts to disinfect the pool. When spilling, it is important to avoid contact with the pool walls so as not to damage them.

Another product that is used and that is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to disinfection is salt. It is recommended to use 5 grams for every liter of water in the pool.

how to clean a pool

Another option that can be used is active oxygen. This product removes organic water residues in an environmentally friendly way. It is best to apply the product when there is no sun to prevent it from evaporating.

Finally, you need to measure your PH level at least once a week. The results of this must give between 7.2 and 7.6. This way we will avoid water damaging the skin or eyes and even the swimsuits losing color.


It is very important that the pools are disinfected, but it is also important that the water has a pleasant appearance so that you can enjoy the pool all day.

Therefore, we recommend that you use certain products to keep the water clean. One of the products is algecid. This product helps prevent the appearance of algae, and if they have already attacked the pool, it also cleans them.

Another product to consider in order to maintain the pool in the best possible way is the pool flocculant. This helps solve the problem when the water becomes cloudy. The facts are becoming more extensive, and with the help of a pool filter, they can be removed from the water.

Keep in mind that if the pool is full of water all year round, it is best to cover it with a pool cover when the season is over. This prevents it from getting too dirty and can be used without thorough cleaning when nice weather starts.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that it helped you clean your pool properly and learn how to clean a very dirty pool. In addition, you will be able to learn how to clean the bottom of the pool and prevent the reappearance of that dirt.

In addition, we would like to remind you that through this link you can request a budget for the maintenance and cleaning of the pool. If you have questions, you can do so in the comments. Until the next tip!

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