Summer vacation is over!

What now September is at the door, very difficult moments are coming.

Adjust routine your home and yours work It’s hard, especially if your company is one of those that has decided to return to the office now, after so much time.

But, hey, at Globaliza we always want to be at the foot of the canyon. It follows you in hard and mature. Be a part of this process.

That’s why we talked to great experts for psychology and they have given us a series of tips that we can share with you.

If you want to get back into your routine easier, read on.

Back to the routine: how to leave summer behind

Post-holiday syndrome

According to experts, the period of adjustment to work after the summer holidays lasts in between one and two weeks.

In fact, a sudden return to daily commitments has been shown to generate: a loss of productivity and increases the risk of suffering from celebrities post-holiday syndrome.

The fact that the end of summer vacation includes exposure bye everything we think makes us free is very complicated to manage.

And with kids, who don’t want to go back to school – I was one of them – and adults who can’t stand the idea of ​​going back to routine – I’ve never been one of them.

What is post-rest syndrome?

Although many laugh at it, it is a pathology that causes many problems to thousands of people every year.

The feeling of returning to routine can overwhelm Nobody. So much so that it can lead to a transient situation manifested by physical symptoms:

  • Fatigue.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Muscle aches.
  • Lack of concentration.

Symptoms that become apparent in the first days of engagement.

It is a disease that usually occurs more often in people between the ages of 25 and 40, as they are the ones that usually occur enjoy the summer with greater intensity.

Adopt at the end of the holiday: start the house on its foundations

End of the holiday

The most important thing is don’t be fooled.

When you get back to work, you have to have positive attitude, which will make returning to the routine a little easier.

Of course your vacation was amazing, but it already was. Now is the time to face whatwith new challenges it lifts us day by day and sets aside thoughts that lead us into the past.

The past must be let go. The present must be lived. The future must be built.

Always remember that life can be wonderful. You don’t have to wait for the next vacation to have time for yourself. You can organize some free time every day and make the most of the weekends.

How to overcome the syndrome after a break: follow these tips for a soft landing

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean the world will come to an end.

Just the opposite.

September is usually the beginning of new adventures. That’s why it’s so important that you’re ready for everything that follows.

Write down these tips to make your landing as enjoyable as possible:

  • Prepare an adjustment period.
  • Take the opportunity to renew yourself inside and out.
  • Plan free time for yourself: you are your priority.
  • Set new personal and professional goals.
  • Enjoy life: live only once.

Let’s look at each one separately.

Prepare an adjustment period

One of the reasons why getting back into a routine becomes so difficult is that we don’t adaptation period.

This is what most people in Spain do:

  • They are returning from a trip on the last day.
  • To take advantage of this, they return home very late.
  • They sleep little and badly, before facing reality again.

The tragedy is masked.

If you want to have a progressive landing in everyday life, do the following:

  • Return the day before the holiday.
  • Organize your schedules the day before you return to work.
  • Enjoy the day for yourself, without anyone else, at home, reconnecting with you.

I assure you that this way it will be much easier to get back to the routine exciting.

Take the opportunity to renew yourself inside and out

Most people make New Year’s resolutions, but they don’t realize it is unnatural date for that.

September makes it easier for you. It’s the time of year when it all starts all over again.

The children are returning to school. The sport starts again and you have the opportunity to decide who you want to be.

This special version you that you built during the summer holidays.

Listen to me.

Only you can decide who you want to be. IF you made a decision this summer, don’t let time make you forget it. Take action now to make it happen.

Plan free time for yourself: make yourself your own priority

Andrés Montes said that “life can be wonderful” So what “All the players are smiling the same.”

That’s right.

Over the course of days, weeks and months, many situations will arise that cause you to lose joy, but only you can decide how you deal with them.

For some unknown reason, we began to think that during working hours you can’t be happy.

I think they’re wrong.

Even if you don’t like your job, you still have a chance to fall asleep with a smile.

Listen to me.

Plan time for yourself every day. Make sure every day is worth it. Don’t let the days go by without you even being aware of it.

Set new personal and professional goals

Do you remember that I already told you how good it would be to take this opportunity to reinvent you??

Well, that rediscovery starts with wondering new personal and professional goals and challenges.

The changes do not have to be large-scale. Importance is not measured by size.

Think about what long want to get and ask yourself why it might not be in this new season reality.

Enjoy life: live only once

I return to the idea from earlier: life can be wonderful.


I don’t want to come here with a typical message happy flower how it easily drives us all crazy.

It’s life complicated.

During the day, situations arise that are very difficult to manage. And to make them look unfair to us.

It’s true.

However, whatever happens, we have a choice how we want to live it.

It depends only on you and no one can take it away from you.

In any case, this year will be the best in your life.

I don’t know you and I have no basis to prove it, but it’s mine intuition.

But that change is up to you.

And who knows?

Maybe this new way of understanding the world starts with finding your dream home to build the life you’ve always wanted.


Every day you wake up to a place that you can not only call home, but that you want to be the best for life.

Do it with the feeling that the best orchestra in the world is playing the song you want it to become The soundtrack of your life.

Can you think of a better way to get to September?


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