Imagine starting this 2021 by visiting a potential client who will allow you to manage their home to find a buyer.

If this is your first time, I’m sure you’ve thought now … What the hell should I do?

The best decision? Read this post very carefully to the end and find out what decisions to make from now on.

How to sell the property you manage

You have to earn it !: The owner can hand over management to you in three ways

While I know you’ve already studied everything about asset management, it never hurts to give a final assessment.


When an owner gives you a house, he can do it in three different ways.

  • Exclusive management. Only you can manage that property. Even the owner himself will not be able to find a buyer.
  • The only agent. Both you and the owner can sell this property. You will only charge if you are the one who buys the customer.
  • Custom note. You, the owner and other agents can also manage it. This is a risky situation because you don’t know if you will be paid for your efforts. Accept it only if you already have a customer.

Depending on the situation, you will sign one of the following notes:

  • Exclusive note.
  • a note on the charge of one agent.
  • A simple note.

I know I’ve always insisted a lot on the Globalize blog, but it’s important that you do everything as legally to avoid future complications.

How to manage assets now that you have signed a promissory note?

The moment you sign the indictment, you can take action. You will need to roll up your sleeves and get batteries to find a customer. Remember that until you do, you will not be charged for your services.

However, This is something you can use to win over the owner. It is a guarantee that you will leave the skin to achieve results.

One of the first decisions you can make is to advertise real estate on a real estate portal like Globaliza. They are the platforms on which most people today are looking for a new home.

When you publish this property on the portal, I recommend it take the best possible pictures.

The best you can do is hire a professional photographer.

For about 80 euros it will do an impressive job for you. Keep in mind that the photos are your cover letter to the end customer, so you are interested in the details.

When you write an ad, you have to work with good copywriting and storytelling. The goal is that if the images were liked by a potential buyer, you have now just convinced them with text.

  • Talk about the house and how it will feel in it.
  • Reinforce the most important parts so people can be interested in it.

In addition to all the ways you work on real estate portals, there are other ways that will benefit you.

Method guerrilla marketing which continues to work is the distribution of leaflets in cars and houses near the estate. Leave your phone number and house details there. Someone must be calling you.

The goal is to move it as much as possible. Think that the higher the visibility of an object, the more likely it is to contact you.

However, from our experience we assure you of that There is nothing that gives you better results than posting your property on a real estate portal.

What to do when a potential buyer appears?

If a customer shows up, the first thing you need to make sure is that he is serious. Ask him to suggest and formalize the contract of sale.

This document sets out:

  • Customer name.
  • Seller’s name.
  • Deadlines for each action.
  • Home address.
  • Housing type.
  • Cadastral reference.

It is a document by which the buyer delivers the amount – let’s put 3,000 euros – that he will lose if he withdraws.

Before signing any pre-contract, it is necessary to assess whether the offer they gave you is interesting or not. Think that even if it is a little lower than what the owner is looking for, it can be a hit to reach an agreement.

From there you will need to start advising him on the whole issue of deadlines. For example, it will take longer if there is a mortgage than if the contract is signed in cash.

In addition, you must also notify him of all taxes:

  • 6% ITP.
  • 1.5% of the costs of the notary and administration.
  • Your prices as an intermediary.

This is crucial. By the way, it is very interesting that you are seriously considering looking for a professional real estate partner in order to save yourself a lot of trouble.

You will then need to sit down with the owner to bring him the offer proposed by that person.

It’s important to not just go with the number and that’s it, but to prepare to convince him that it’s the best option. Prepare a market analysis that confirms that this is the appropriate amount.

How to work if the owner says yes?

At that time you must call the buyer and inform him that the owner has accepted and continue to deliver the agreed amount – in our case 3,000 euros.

From there, you will need to sign a deposit agreement. A document in which both parties agree to perform the operation, under protection of Article 1,454 of the Civil Code.

In this contract, the date of the contract is formulated, which is the title of the property.

Before you go to it, you will need to get in touch to provide a range of information:

  • DAYS or NOT both sides.
  • The original act of the house.
  • IBI paid bills.
  • Community certificate.
  • Mortgage: cancel it.

The last step is registration

But you know what?

If you leave, you will find yourself in front of a huge amount of paperwork, so it is best to use the money with the manager – about 200 euros – and have it work. In total, you will pass this on to the parties.

Listen to me.

Now that you know step by step to achieve the results you are looking for, it is time to get down to business.

You have two options.

You can spend your whole life waiting for results or try to be you who finds them.

What do you decide?


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