Spain is a country full of stories … and among all of them, those from stand out ghost towns.

You already know all this. They talked to you about it actively and passively. Many people who have lived in villages have moved to cities.

The reasons for this will be broad, but consequences only one: many of these cities have been abandoned.

And you know what? We don’t want them to be deleted from the map without you knowing their stories.

Especially without a son paranormal.

For this reason, in this post you will know some of the most interesting anecdotes and experiences of these places.

Let’s go there?

Belchite (Zaragoza)

Belchite, the ghost town of Zaragoza

I know that from the picture it looks like nothing more than a long-abandoned city.

Don’t be fooled.

These ruins they tell many stories and now you will be one of the few people in the country who knows them.

Belchite is a small town very close to Zaragoza. For a long time it was one of the most architecturally beautiful cities in Spain:

  • Chapels
  • Renaissance palaces.
  • Iglesias.
  • Temples

However, during the Spanish Civil War, it was horribly bombed and left more than 6,000 dead in just two weeks.

With this scenario, many people resonated paranormal stories it happens inside.

They say that those who pass through its ruins can feel the horror of what they have experienced and that it is very easy to catch psychophony inside.

Experts for these items assure that there are recordings that testify to screams, bombings or ringing.

If you want to know this better, Belchite has a program of day and night visits for all people who want to know more.

La Mussara (Tarragona)

La Mussara, a place of stories in Tarragona

It’s La Mussara ghost town which is located in the municipality Villa Plana from Tarragona.

Its history is very extensive, but the rest of us Spaniards started to know it from the year 1956

Until then, it was a famous place because of its landscapes, places to climb … but then the mysteries awoke.

If you visit it today, you will find only some ruins of some houses, a small church and caserío.

An unusual thing is happening here.

According to those who lived in the place, there is a large stone on which ends up anyone who surpasses it Villa del Seis.

An ominous place that is there another dimension and that would be what would explain the many mysterious disappearances that have not yet been solved to this day.

Jafra (Barcelona)

Jafra, the city of legends of Barcelona

Does his name sound familiar to you? It’s someone’s an abandoned village is located in the Garraf region of Barcelona.

As said, this is the place that hides various legends, although there is one that shines even more.

Or maybe it would be better to say that freeze the blood with much greater intensity.

To feel it, it is very important that you approach it cemetery good. The place where a child lost his life … and never reached the afterlife.

Many … many people claim to have met theirs spectral image running around the city and then disappearing without a trace.

Not to mention he repents which come out of nowhere, but which freeze the skin of all visitors and neighbors.

Ochate (Burgos)

Ochate, the ghost town of Burgos

Have you heard of Ochate? It is a small abandoned town located in the province of Burgos.

Castilla y León is a country with a lot of history. A lot. So it is not surprising that this city a bunch of so many stories.

I don’t know whether to talk fortune o de swear words. All that matters is that the history of this place is as sad as the cry of a lost child.

During the 19th century, it was one of the most populated areas in the entire region. However, it was damned and in just 10 years suffered three epidemics which destroyed the entire population.

Epidemics, huh? How distant it sounded a little over a year ago and how this word has become commonplace.

  • 1860 He came goddesses a dozen people barely managed to survive. However, they did their best and managed to attract new residents to their city.
  • 1864 Typhus spread. The place was destroyed again. However, with the spirit that its inhabitants have always had, they have managed to restore it.
  • 1870 It was his turn anger. This epidemic ended forever with all the people who tried to rebuild and repopulate the city.

After 10 such intense years the city emptied forever and today there are only remnants of a place full of pain, sorrow and regret.

Ribadelago (Zamora)

Ribadelago, a damn place in Zamora

Save this date: January 9, 1959 On that fateful day, the bursting of the dam flooded the entire urban area.

Of the 549 residents the census then showed, 144 died on the spot.

The material damage was even greater. The whole town was completely destroyed, except for a few small houses.

A walk through its streets tells you the story of that dark day.

These are the 5 ghost towns in Spain that you must visit … if you have what it takes.

His stories. His mysteries. His regret …

Everything is waiting for you.

Will you be able to meet them?


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