By Tyrolean, this coating technique is known and is used primarily on facades, leaving an extremely rough and textured finish thanks to the tiny pebbles in the mixture.


Although it is usually used to decorate the facades of houses, it could also be used indoors. Either way, we’ll see here how to fasten the line step by step and the necessary materials for application to any wall.




-Zipline. (Small stones or engraving)

These materials you can buy them at any construction warehouse, the price of a 25 kg bag does not exceed 5 euros.

How to apply a zip line to a wall.

The first thing we have to do is pasta. It is made by mixing cement, sand and zip lines, or stones. The pasta doesn’t have to be hard, but soft enough to be able to, literally, be thrown into a wall.

Tyrolean pasta is made by adding cement, sand and water as if we were making normal cement, but with more water, and then by adding pebbles.

Masonic spatula

After we prepare the pasta, we take the pasta with a trowel and literally throw it into the wall.

The distance from the place where we shoot must be greater than or less than one meter. When thrown, the paste will stick firmly to the wall and the stones will randomly scatter across the wall.

We will do this until the entire surface to be covered is completely covered.

Once the paste dries, it can be painted like a normal smooth wall and with plastic paint, tempera or any other paint we want to use.

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