The controversy is served.

Ever since Rubius – the most important youtuber in the history of Spain – announced that he would live in Andorra, rivers of ink have been launched against these professionals.

Rivers Red ink, among other things. The vast majority of the media preferred to lightly click on the news full of half-truths rather than analyzing a very worrying situation.

The reality is that more and more professionals who can work with their computer from anywhere in the world are leaving Spain. Someone will have to figure out why at some point.

However, we will not get into these problems from Globalize, but we want to go to what is really important to us: their homes.

As with many other famous houses, today we want you to join us to see what kind of youtube rift houses are in Andorra.

But … do you know what’s best? We won’t tell you about it, but they’re willing to do it themselves.

Makiman 131

Makiman 131 is one of the youtube channels more diverse which exist.

Create content of all kinds– From hidden camera scams to experiments in RC cars.

Many young people grew up with him and admired his work.

He has been living in for some time Andorra and he says it openly. In the video above, you will discover what their home is like from room to room.


Vegeta777 is one of the largest Spanish youtubers in existence. He came from the first and managed to establish himself on a platform with all the laws.

Its channel is focused almost 100% on content related to video game and there are already more than 32 million people following everything he publishes.

He was one of the first to make the jump Andorra and looks very happy in his new country. What do you think?

Itarte Vlog

If you’re one of those who thinks YouTube has room only for young people, you’re sorely mistaken.

The Itarte Vlog project is a complete family that shares their daily life on the platform for almost 6 million people.

These are the adventures of a father, mother and two little ones.


One of the platform’s own names. It holds the world record for the number of people watching a live broadcast on Twitch with more than 2.5 million.

These are numbers that are very far from what television or radio stations regularly achieve. Therefore, he is one of the highest paid people on the Spanish scene today.

Although he did not publish his house himself, he opened the door for other YouTubers to meet her.

Do you want to see it?

These are some of the famous youtubers houses that you can find on the platform.

What do you think of them? What do you think of their houses? Leave them in the comments!


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