Did you know that today, June 21, marks World Skating Day?

It has to be said that it is one of the sports that we practically all tried during our childhood – and some with more luck than others.

And that, well, now we prefer to watch those who dominate and admire their movements.

Of course, for great movements, you need amazing skating tracks, and that is exactly what we will talk about today.

If you want to discover the most famous clues in the world and where more stories and legends have been forged, read on.

Burnside (United States)

World Skating Day

We are located in Portland, just below Burnside Bridge.

In the 90s Mar “Red” Scott, Sage Bolyard and Bret Taylor began building a place where they would be able to exercise without interfering with the rain.

The bridge was the perfect place.

If you think about it, this could be the first DIY song.

Southbank (England)

Skateboarding: Southbank

If you want to hallucinate with a great skateboard show, this is the place – especially if you live in a Europe that finds you nearby.

Southbank is near Queen Elizabeth Hall, an area that became iconic for skaters in the 1960s. So you can imagine that several generations have already held it high.

Although they wanted to move him a few years ago, the mayor himself took a position on the skater side.

Big O (Canada)

The best skate park in Canada

Another place with an epic history.

It was 1976 and Montreal would be the venue for the Olympics, but for this they needed a new stadium

Who would have thought that the entrance tunnel would eventually become a cult place for skateboarding.

MACBA (Spain)

Barcelona and the tradition of skateboarding

You don’t have to travel far to find some of the most impressive skating areas in the world.

In Barcelona you will find MACBA, a cult place that attracts skaters from all over Europe.

Its edges, blocks and surface have made Barcelona the European skateboard capital.

This is where most Spanish skaters are born.

Kona Skatepark (United States)

Where can you skate in the United States?

If that sounds familiar to you, it’s because you were a great player in the Tony Hawk video game saga.

Skatepark Kona is the oldest privately owned park in the world, especially owned by the Ramos family.

It is an amazing place where you will find everything you need for an amazing skating experience.

Red Ribbon (China)

China and a passion for skateboarding

Have you imagined finding a skateboarding paradise in China?

Many times we have the wrong image of China, but here they also know how to enjoy.

Professional skaters consider Guangzhou a skateboarding paradise and are able to travel the world to get here.

Its unusual structure has made it a great challenge for many skaters around the world.

Pink Motel Pool (United States)

How to turn a pool into a skate park

The history of this song is one of the most interesting I will tell you today.

The place where you skate today is the old motel pool built in 1946.

However, when it ceased to be used, this void became the perfect place to enjoy skateboarding.

Landhausplatz (Austria)

Skate downtown

Did you know that this is a track designed by an architect who is a fan of skateboarding?

It is located in the center of Innsbruck and its style is completely unsurpassed. In its square, pedestrians mingle with the trail and old buildings.

Although there have been many conflicts between skaters and pedestrians, an agreement has been reached today and you can continue skating.

Now I would like you to answer me. Have you ever skated? Did you have a passion for this sport?

Tell me your opinion in the comments and let’s talk about some of our stories.

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