The concept may not sound familiar to you PVC stretch ceiling or you haven’t heard anyone mention that they installed it in their house PVC stretch ceilings, but these ceilings, which have been installed for years in rooms, spas, laboratories, swimming pools and many other spaces, are already starting to be seen more and more in traditional homes like yours or mine.

And stretch ceilings seem to be, a priori, all advantages. Either you didn’t know of its existence or you want to know information and photographs of stretch ceilings, this article will help you. Let’s get started.

Stretch ceiling with backlight and aquarium print at the bottom of the hallway

What are stretch ceilings?

Stretch ceiling consists of sheets of flexible polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, made to measure, shaped, which can create waves and other shapes of different volumes, in any color and in different finishes (matte, satin, gloss …).

Even 3D images or drawings can be printed.

These PVC sheets are placed on profiles that are previously mounted on the ceiling, in order to hold and tighten the said sheets.

In short, without going into very specific details, these are stretch ceilings.

But if you haven’t seen a roof of these characteristics, it’s normal for these words to sound like Chinese to you and you haven’t heard anything.

So, according to the ancient saying “A picture is worth a million words“Let’s see some ceilings decorated with stretch ceilings.

Blue lacquered stretch ceiling.

Dark blue lacquered stretch ceiling of high gloss

Stretch ceiling in lacquered cream color.

Stretch ceiling lacquered creamy high gloss

Stretch ceiling in white lacquered finish with electrical installation included.

Stretch ceiling lacquered in high-gloss white

Stretch ceiling in white lacquered color.

Stretch ceiling painted in glossy white

Stretch ceiling with digital print.

Stretch ceiling with floral print

Stretch ceiling with digital print.

Stretched ceiling with a digital impression of a sky with clouds

Stretch ceiling with digital print.

Stretch ceiling with backlight and a picture of a bamboo forest

photos ceilica

3D stretch ceiling.

Decorative and wavy stretch ceiling in the hallway

photography NHR

As you can see, these ceilings can be left in any finish: matte, satin, glossy, with printed drawings, in 3D, etc.

Of course, you can also place lighting on them.

While a priori it may not seem much different from placing vinyl or mural on the ceiling to decorate it, it’s because we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg of stretch ceilings, because while it seems unbelievable, its strength isn’t over, as we will see further.

Advantages of PVC stretch ceilings

What makes stretch ceilings such a popular alternative to traditional ceilings, in addition to the endless possibilities for different finishes, are its many advantages:

– stretch ceilings are installed quickly, without the need for work; It is only necessary to mount the profiles and PVC panels on it.

– These ceilings adapt to many geometric shapes, offering a finish never seen before.

– They can be cleaned just as glass would be cleaned, and in addition, they are fire resistant, they are resistant to the flow of time in an optimal way without the need for renovation and they are not affected by moisture or water, because they are made of PVC, immune are on. Options are also available that make these ceilings act as sound insulators.

You don’t have to think of these ceilings as traditional. You have to see them basically as they are, that is, PVC foil that cleans like glass and is not affected by weather or water.

Barrisol waterproof stretch ceilings

photography keg

– Another of its advantages is its impermeability, because if a neighbor upstairs leaves the faucet open or we get water because the roof is in poor condition, those roofs do not deteriorate.

As I said before, they are immune to water, even if a lot of water falls, these roofs are designed to deform due to the weight of the water, creating a big bubble.

Although like everything, they also have their drawbacks, although there are very few of them.

Disadvantages of PVC stretch ceilings

– As it is still a somewhat unknown and unusual concept for homes, there are not many companies dedicated to it and it could lead to the installation being more expensive.

– Unlike conventional ceilings: plaster, plaster, paint, etc., stretch ceilings must be installed by professionals.

But by removing these two little things, you won’t deny me that stretch ceilings are a great alternative to any traditional ceiling, basically because they can be cleaned and don’t suffer from the harsh moisture we all know.

Also, with an amazing design outside, we can have unique, custom ceilings.

And walls, because the same installation concept used for the ceiling is extrapolated to the wall and they can be created tight walls one of the most innovative, with the same advantages as stretch ceilings.

Can you imagine a wall in the kitchen, with a personalized, impressive design that never has to be repainted because it’s yellowed or stained with grease or any other product?

retaining walls

photography ceilica

These ceilings remind me, saving all the big differences that exist in terms of installation, materials and location amazing 3D liquid floors.

If you are interested in this type of roof for your home or space, you can request 4 completely free estimates here. Enter, describe what you want and 4 experts in your field will send you an offer for installing a stretch ceiling. Request free estimates here>

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Did you know about stretch ceilings? What do you think? What are they practical for? I read you in the comments, family.

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