If you’ve been looking at sofa beds for the living room or for the guest room, you may have noticed that while there are many sofas, most don’t end up being pretty. You can say that these are sofa beds, you can see that this is an auxiliary piece of furniture. And that is something that, in my opinion, makes them unworthy. Because you may want a sofa bed for the living room, but you don’t want it to show that it’s a sofa bed. But to have a beautiful sofa bed that overlooks the living room and equips it with good taste, style and personality without making it seem like an auxiliary piece of furniture. And that’s what we’ll see next with this selection I’ve prepared where every sofa bed I’ve chosen contributes to what I think the couch should contribute to, even if it’s a sofa bed.

So, if you are looking for a designer sofa that does not look like a sofa bed and that adds style and decoration, keep with me to present you 10 extremely interesting models.

Mustard sofa bed

We start with this beautiful sofa bed, extremely elegant and robust, in mustard tones.

It is a sofa for spaces with personality, not only because of its elegant design but also because it is upholstered in velvet and available in two very sophisticated colors that go like gloves: mustard yellow, as we see in the picture above these lines., And also in a respectable dark blue color, as we see just below:

Design sofa bed and navy blue

It is a Romain sofa bed and measures 140 x 200 cm in length when the bed is made.

Perfect for a guest room or as an auxiliary sofa in a 3 + 2 living room set. Don’t you think so?

As you can see, it is a sofa bed that can perfectly preside over the living room, a sofa that can become a key decorative part of the space. These are the sofa beds I want.

You can see more details about this sofa by clicking here.

Let’s take a look at another designer sofa bed that leaves no one indifferent:

modern sofa bed

This second sofa bed, also from the company Habitat, is another one of my favorites because of its excellent modern design.

If I don’t tell you it’s a sofa bed, it doesn’t seem to be the case, does it? It can perfectly serve to chair any living room of modern design with excellent taste.

This model is the Porto sofa, which belongs to the Porto series of Habitat sofa beds; and are available to us in two and three seats, and with upholstery in light gray tones, like the one we see above these paragraphs, and in dark gray and medium gray.

In addition, if we want to make it more sophisticated, we can also choose it in a leather finish, like the one we see just below:

Designer leather sofa bed

It has the same measurements and characteristics as the previous one, it is available on both two and three seats, but unlike the previous ones, this one is upholstered in cream-colored cowhide, and it is also available in black leather.

Great skin. It’s not one of the most expensive, but it’s not the cheapest either.

Cowhide comes from cattle, especially veal and calf, and is tanned by the vegetable process, which gives it, with a minimum thickness of 3 mm, excellent flexibility and resilience. You can see more information about this skin type by clicking here.

If we leave the leather aside and continue with the sofa beds from the Porto series, we also have them on the corner loungers, and they are really beautiful:

Corner sofa or deck chair gray

A spectacular sofa bed that doesn’t seem so, robust and of excellent quality that can dress and stylishly furnish a modern living room today.

It’s also available in the upholstery we’ve seen before: light gray, like the one in the picture, medium gray, dark gray, and cream or black leather.

In addition to the Porto series in the lounger format, we have other corner sofa beds that I loved, like the Robin model, which we see below:

Rinconero sofa or lounger in navy blue

This model has a Nordic style thanks to wooden legs and thin arms, which makes it perfect for integration into any modern living room.

In addition, it is available in dark blue, such as the one we see just above, dark gray or in a particularly striking yellow mustard that we see just below:

Corner sofa or deck chair made of mustard

Lovely sofa bed.

The way to place the bed is through a very flexible opening mechanism that does not require effort because when we activate it, it comes out on its own and stays as we see below:

Rinconero sofa or lounger in navy blue

The bed is made on both seats, with a mattress 13 cm thick, which is parallel to the extension of the deck chair on the sofa.

If you were interested in this sofa bed, you can see all the details by clicking here.

Leaving aside the corner sofas or sofa beds, there are three more models of sofa beds that I also want to add to this list:

Dark gray sofa bed of modern design

The first model is this beauty we see just above, the Alix sofa bed.

It is a perfect sofa bed for small spaces, because it is 170 cm wide.

It is a compact, robust sofa with a spectacular modern design. It integrates perfectly into any of today’s living rooms, as well as into guest rooms because of its sweet, subtle yet elegant design with personality.

It’s one of the most beautiful sofa beds I’ve seen, especially with these gray-blue upholstery we see. Although it is also available in medium gray.

If you liked it as much as I did, you can see all the details here.

Let’s take a look at the following sofa bed:

Designer sofa bed

Its style is reminiscent of classic Cabriolé or Tuxedo sofas, but adapted to our days.

That’s why I love it, because it’s a sofa bed that can be perfectly integrated into the most sophisticated living rooms and become a piece that stands out on its own. Not forgetting, of course, that it is also a sofa bed.

Add a few chord cushions and you have a scene from the magazine.

It is a relatively generous sofa bed, as it is 196 cm wide, which makes it a sofa bed.

It is also available in a wide range of upholstery, such as blue, dark gray, yellow or light gray.

You can find out more details here.

Let’s look at the latest model I chose:

Sofa bed of modern design

I recently had to make a living room project, in which the client wanted to put a big sofa and they enjoyed it. That’s what she called it.

And he meant this kind of sofa. Sofas that are close to the floor, without legs, are extremely comfortable to get in and out of and to lie down, sit or lie down.

It’s a couch to enjoy.

I don’t think the rest can be enjoyed, but this type of sofa we see above these lines is designed to be comfortable in any position and for any type of person. The design, as my client said, is very pleasing.

It is a Pegasus sofa bed and is available in this medium / dark gray upholstery we see, as well as in a striking red color.

As for its measures, it has a width of 210, which makes it a generous sofa, but without excess.

You can see more details here.

What do you think of these designer sofa beds? That doesn’t seem to be a sofa bed. In fact, I would already like many normal sofas to have the design of these sofa beds. Don’t you think so?

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