The union of the interior and exterior of a house is an issue that has been given the importance it deserves for some time.

And that is that the way we connect different spaces of the house (exterior and interior) can completely change the way we see our home.

And, more importantly, how we feel inside and out, because if we communicate both spaces in a professional and efficient way, we will make the house look and feel bigger, brighter, the transition of the space more fluid and natural, and aesthetically we will elevate the decorations in the high-level category.

In this sense, we have external folding doors that are a perfect option for both small houses and homes where space is not a problem.

If you want to make better use of your garden, terrace or balcony, want your living room to be brighter and enjoy more space in both winter and summer, installing a folding door may be the solution you need because of the benefits they imply.

Advantages of installing external folding doors

The separation between external and internal disappears:

Exterior folding door

Airclos exterior folding door project

Literally, we can make the separation between the living room and the garden disappear, so that the two spaces become one, and that we can enjoy the garden in both summer and winter, making the folding doors “disappear” since they were opened. doors take up only 10% of the total space.

Imagine what that means: natural ventilation, light, larger and more comfortable spaces and a magnificent view of your garden.

They are completely waterproof:

Exterior folding door

Exterior folding door from Airclos

If you have a sliding door to access the garden, you will notice that they are not completely waterproof.

This represents a loss of energy, in summer with air conditioning or in winter with heating. Not to mention noise or dust.

Folding doors have a system that makes them completely waterproof when closed.

Let’s say we have a completely closed and airtight but transparent wall. Which also means better thermal insulation:

Better thermal insulation:

Consistent with the previous advantage, this type of door can be selected from different materials, such as aluminum or PVC, and with different glass increasing the thickness of insulation, creating a wall in which thermal insulation has the most limitations, achieving maximum thermal comfort in your home, reducing environmental impact and account.

In fact, some door models, such as the larger Airclos ranges, have a U heat transfer coefficient of 1.3 W / m²K, which guarantees us a maximum limiting degree of thermal insulation.

Here you can see more information about the types of odds level for comparison.

Complete freedom and versatility of the opening:

Exterior folding door

Airclos folding doors in a project in the UK

With traditional sliding doors we have only one option, open or closed. We open from one side and exit from that side.

However, the advantage of external folding doors is that they can be configured with different openings, which makes them extremely versatile, as they adapt to any project and space.

We can choose to have all the sheets folded in or out. Fold them to the right, left, or center, or keep the indistinct opening on either side so you can decide depending on which side is best to lift them from.

Complete freedom of closing and opening, depending on our space and needs. Not all houses are the same nor do we all demand the same requirements.

Maximum comfort in glass cleaning:

The outer part of the glass is easily accessible, thanks to the fact that the outer hinges have a removable needle, which means that we can comfortably separate the sheets, even clean the glass inside, even in places that are difficult to access.

Door adjustment:

Another advantage of folding doors, in this particular case, Airclos doors, is that they are fully customizable beyond the selected color and material.

Among the wide catalog of 14 series of folding doors, we can choose the ones that best suit the needs of our home, with exclusive finishes, curved or polygonal shapes, as well as various glasses, including security.

In this way, we can give the room a unique design stamp that will re-examine not only our home, but also its aesthetics.

What type of external folding door to choose?

As we have seen, there are folding doors for all types of spaces and publics, with different materials, glass and other characteristics, so we need to study them well to choose the right folding doors for your home.

The quickest solution is to contact the manufacturer and installer directly so they can advise us. No one better than them to study our case with us.

In addition, we must take into account the end use that we will use in the rooms in which we will install long-term folding doors, as well as the area in which the house is located.


If the folding door will be used sporadically, and we live in warm areas, such as the south or the Mediterranean, we can choose doors that are lighter, and therefore cheaper.

On the other hand, if we are going to use the door every day, either in our home or on the business terrace, it would be ideal to choose a high-quality and robust door.

In addition, if the area we live in has relatively extreme temperatures, we should choose a door with a thermal break.

These are just some of the basic aspects to consider when choosing a good folding door.

Size, opening, design, etc. will also need to be considered. But that is something you need to consult with the assembly company.

Another very important detail when choosing a door is the glass they carry:

For external folding doors, we will be able to choose glass with high thermal properties for areas where temperatures are extreme.

Or sunglasses for areas where there is a high frequency of sunlight.

We can also choose acoustic glass to increase comfort and privacy

Or tempered glass when we need more robust glass that offers us greater safety from shocks.

All these details must be considered and examined in detail in order to select a folding door that meets all the requirements we need.

In this way, we ensure good folding doors that last a lifetime with optimal performance.

How much does it cost to install an external folding door?

Well, if you have read so far, you will know that this question is difficult to answer, because, as you have seen, there are many options, so the price will vary greatly depending on, for example:

  • Folding door size.
  • Construction material (aluminum or PVC).
  • Selected type of glass.
  • Number of leaves on the door.
  • Type of opening, if it is fully collapsible or includes fixed or sliding door elements.

In addition to other factors that directly affect the final cost of installing exterior folding doors.

However, as you can imagine, it is impossible to determine a certain price.

There are projects in which, if the door is light, has only two or three wings and has glass without many technical characteristics, the price is about 1000 euros, while in other cases, using high quality glass, in doors with six robust doors and high quality folding sheets easily exceed € 3,000.

Will you install an external folding door? I read you in the comments. And if you think this article might appeal to a friend or family member, share it. Thanks!

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