Thanks to new technologies that enable purification and other treatments concrete or concrete, this has happened in recent times from the floor and walls to the table.

This advancement seems to have allowed concrete to compete in such unusual places for this material as the kitchen, with wood, stone, and metal. Therefore, today concrete is another material that needs to be taken into account design our kitchen.

Kitchen with concrete or concrete slab

Photo by Sarah Joy Blog

This material can be personalized, is natural and very customizable; Although it is not a suitable material, if what you are looking for is perfection.

As I said before, there has been an important evolution in the way concrete is treated in recent years, and thanks to the glass fibers added to the concrete mix, firmer, thinner and more refined concrete has been created. In fact, now concrete kitchens or work surfaces can be thinner than a centimeter or 2.57 centimeters.

Do not confuse concrete with cement. Concrete or concrete is a material produced by mixing other materials, mainly sand, cement and stones with water; while cement is a material used, among other things, to make concrete.

Only with cement and sand we create a paste for gluing bricks and other building elements, but concrete work surfaces per se they do not exist.

Concrete or concrete kitchen countertop

Photo by Joe and Cheryl

A little paste can be poured on the current board to create a thick layer of cement which can then be polished to obtain an imitation finish, as they did with Joe and Cheryl, in the picture above these lines. But the slabs themselves are not cement, but concrete,

Concrete kitchens or concrete work surfaces today, are mostly pre-poured, as you can imagine. This allows control of each work surface, a greater choice in terms of color and texture, and also allows the use of the latest technology of reinforcing concrete slabs, as we will see later.

Each concrete slab is handmade, allowing the necessary adjustment for the client: The shape of the kitchen, the desired thickness, holes for sinks and electrical appliances and any other detail you want to add in the kitchen, for example a drain or a garbage hole.

Still, naturally we can all we produce our own concrete slab or cover the one we already have. There are hundreds of guides on the internet on how to make a concrete slab. We can get on YouTube and follow in the footsteps of some of the many videos needed to make a concrete kitchen, with the finish and texture we like best.

The colors and textures of concrete kitchens always differ if the two are compared, since they are made by hand, as we have seen before; This, together with the fact that the concrete does not show its real appearance until it dries, makes each concrete slab unique and unrepeatable, which is considered one of the greatest virtues for concrete lovers.

Another virtue of concrete is that it fits very well with the rest of the materials that usually exist in the kitchen, such as marble, steel or wood, creating beautiful contrasts between different materials.

Concrete or concrete worktop

It is also a very versatile material that offers us an unlimited number of finishes, depending on the mixture and the treatment it gets after drying.

Then we can find, polished concrete slabs which represents a smooth and shiny surface; raw concrete work surfaces, rougher and matte looking; concrete work surfaces in different colors, white, brown or earth tones, among others; it all depends on which tincture is added to the mixture.

The variety is almost endless, because we can find the perfect desktop that suits our style.

As for yours maintenance, concrete kitchens They need some care with their surface, as it is usually sealed with some sealant or varnish.

Because the material is porous, very porous, if the concrete is not well sealed, it will absorb any stains formed, changing the appearance in a short time. It is important that the work surface is treated so that it does not absorb anything. If you decide on a concrete slab for your home, keep in mind that, once it is ready and dries well, you must apply a sealant.

Must have be careful with the sealantWell this can alter the final appearance of concrete. Depending on which sealant is used, it can create a fine patina with little shine and change the natural look of the concrete.

What’s more, the sealant should not only seal the pores of the concrete, but must resist heat and scratches which could receive a desktop, because it is a desktop. It is best to ask the seller and they will advise us according to our requirements.

If we go to buy a concrete work surface, probably already we don’t have to worry about sealingWell, it will already be or, if it is not, after it is installed by a professional, it will be varnished or applied with a sealant that suits our choice of finish.

Most manufacturers offer stain-resistant warranties. In this case, too, the best thing is that we advise the store on how to process the concrete to know what kind of maintenance should be applied over time, because over the years the seal or varnish will probably wear out and will need to be rebuilt to ensure the proper functionality of our concrete work surface.

Florim concrete worktop

Cement finish slab from Florima.

Although we can resort new stone worktops that mimic the finishing of cement, concrete or concrete, like the one we see above these lines, by Florim. These countertops usually they do not need any maintenance.

With respect to the price of concrete slabs They are not one of the most expensive materials and can range between 50 and 150 euros per square meter. The price will, among other factors, depend on factors such as whether the finish is raw or some color, the thickness and type of mixture.

Today concrete kitchens They are a trend in interior design, what opinion do you deserve? Do you enjoy one? I read you in the comments.

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