The range of sand tones is very wide, as we will see below, and thanks to this, in addition to being able to color our living room in sand color and to make it more pleasant, we can add other shades, more appropriate to our decorative style, whatever it may be.

So if you are looking paint with sand to paint and decorate your living room, come with me because I have prepared these living rooms painted in different shades of sand, so you can see each color and its expression and you can choose the one you like best.

Although there are many nuances, I have divided them into two groups so as not to complicate things: soft sand and darker sand. In this regard, here is an index to see which one you prefer or skip the index and look at all the sand colored rooms.

We started!

Living rooms decorated in soft earth tones

Modern sand-colored living room

Dara Díaz Project Nice Home Barcelona

In this room upstairs the walls are added a very gentle color of sand, almost whitish or whitish, depending on what you call it. It is a warm and pleasant color, but also elegant.

Small room the color of sand

Proyecto at home

Very similar to this other color of sand, also warm, it clothes the spaces without burdening them. Almost without remark, right? It remains elegant and naturally comfortable.

Comfortable salons in sandy tones

Photo by Becks Thwaite

This second sand-colored room has a very soft tone, with a bit of yellowish pigmentation, almost gray, but is still an extremely cozy room.

Let’s look at another example.

Living room in sand color with bluish gray sofa

Photo by Mackenzie Schieck

If we are looking for a more neutral sand color, we also have shades with a bit of pigmentation as we saw earlier, which are practically white but warmer, as we see in the upper sand room as well.

Living room in sand color with blue sofa

If we want a bright room, the tones we need are sand colors with a very gentle yellow pigmentation, like the one you saw in this room on the walls.

Having more yellow pigmentation, they reflect more light and create a warmer atmosphere, all without saturating the space as they are very soft.

Sand-colored living room combined with chocolate-colored wall

Photograph of furniture

It is a sandy tone, very light, combined with chocolate brown. The browns could be said to be part of the earth tones as well, so they always combine well with each other.

Living room the color of sand combined with wood

Photo ShutterStock

We have other colors of sand to paint a more traditional living room, like the one we see above these lines. It’s a standard sandy shade, very, very soft.

Sand-colored living room with blue accents on the pillows

Just like the one in this other room. These shades are the most common colors of sand. They are very gentle beige tones, some are more toasted than others, but create the same spaces: cozy and bright rooms and can be combined well.

Photo by Jennifer Johnson

Although when someone chooses sand for their living room, it mostly does so by seeking the warmth and shelter it offers. If this is your case, the standard earthy tone, a little fried, like the one you saw in this room above these lines, is the perfect color.

Comfortable salons decorated in the color of sand

Design and photography @littlebrownfoxstyling, Little Brown Fox

Traditional beis never fails. Of course, they’re not too powerful, like this almost neutral one we see in the room above. Almost whitish, whitish with very little yellowish pigmentation. One of the softest tones of sand.

If you like such gentle colors for the living room, here you can see 17 ideas for painting and decorating the living room in pastel tones.

Let’s see another room.

Living room in sand color with color accents

Photo by Mauricio Fuertes Interior Design Room Studio

If not so soft, we can see gray sand tones, which are extremely elegant and still warm.

These are colors that protect, decorate and change the space, but are very poorly perceived, like the one this room also wears and which we see below.

Very bright sand-colored living room

Photo by Mauricio Fuertes Interior Design Room Studio

The difference with white is noticeable, but not so much as to define the style or decoration of the room. Simply dress the walls with class and support the rest of the decorations, without highlighting.

Comfortable salons decorated in the color of sand

Design and photography @frugulsrud

We can take the color even more towards the gray color, opting for a warm gray tone, which looks a bit more sophisticated. Of course, the atmosphere they create is not as pleasant as the standard earth tone.

It was a few salons in a soft sand color, let’s look at the darker tones now.

Rooms decorated in dark colors of sand

Salon of modern and elegant design painted with sand color

Even though I call them dark, that doesn’t mean they’re like chocolate brown, to give you an example. In the range of sand colors, none of them become overly dark, but they would no longer be sand, they would be brown, red, or other tones, like terracotta.

This room we see above these lines, designed by Gärna Design and photographed by talented photographer Lupe Clemente, has a medium dark tone of sand.

As we can see, these tones already have a greater presence besides dressing bare walls. They’re already telling us something.

Living room dark sand color combined with light

Parellades interior design project

If we add dark sand to the living room, we don’t have to paint all the walls with it, we can combine it with lighter if we see that the space will be cluttered or dark.

Comfortable salons in sandy tones

If it seems too gray to you, don’t worry, there are other almost neutral sand tones, but not as gray as the one painted on the walls of this room above.

As I said at the beginning, the sand color palette is immeasurable, and each company or brand of color has its own tones, just as Bruguer has sand in its Easy Colors palette, or Jotun with a Silent Serenity card consisting of sand tones, among other manufacturers and ranges, making the range endless.

Modern living room painted in sandy tones

Another sand color for the living room that I wanted to show off is the one we see in this room designed by Jeanette Trensig.

It is a medium / dark sand, with greenish pigmentation. Very little, because green is a cool color and takes away a ton of sand from the heat.

That is why it is so special and expressive and combines so well with wood and vegetation.

If you like dark sand tones, you’ll also like brown, and here you can see 17 ideas for painting a brown living room.

As we can see, you can paint the living room in the color of sand with the style and shades we want, whether rustic, minimalist, modern or from any other area, thanks to the huge variety of sand tones.

Although we have seen very clear examples, if you did not like any color or have questions about how to combine it in the living room, leave a comment to which I will be happy to answer.

Now highlight this range of warm colors for the walls or if you want you can see these 16 warm colors to paint the living room.


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