There is a wide range of colors that combine with turquoise in walls and decoration, and that’s good because turquoise is one of the most sought after colors, whether it’s a trend or not. It is a color that is above fashion and is very often used for vitality, freshness and versatility, because, when combined, it is suitable for all spaces and environments, whether children or adults. Well, let’s take a look at these colors that combine with the turquoise we prepared, so you know how to combine the turquoise color on the walls or decoration.

Turquoise and yellow

Photography and furniture by Maisons du Monde

Two opposite colors, which complement each other perfectly. One warm and the other cold and relaxing. An excellent color for combining turquoise in decoration.

As you can imagine, since the two are such strong colors, it is better to combine them in controlled doses and with another neutral color, like medium white, so as not to saturate the space in which they are used.

Turquoise and white

IKEA Photography

Another color that combines perfectly with turquoise is white. The resulting contrast between these two colors is very strong and is also suitable for decorating a modern environment. Although this does not mean that this combination can be used in more classic environments.

If you add an earthy tone or wood in the middle to this combination, it will provide the necessary warmth that is lacking in both white and turquoise, and you will achieve a balanced way of combining turquoise blue in the decoration.

Turquoise and gray

Living room with gray sofa combined with turquoise pillows

Whether it’s light, medium or dark shades of gray, this is another color that goes great with turquoise. Gray is the king of neutral colors and adapts to any other color, so it will always be on these types of lists. And here you can see more colors that go along with gray.

Turquoise and brown

Photo by Marty’s Musings

We’ve already seen it on the list of colors that combine with brown. Turquoise and brown make a very good combination. The browns are warm tones of a calm character, and the turquoise ones are cold and relaxing, as well as more lively, so they complement each other very well, contributing to what others lack.

As you can see, the use of warm tones is a great way to combine turquoise blue in the decoration.

Turquoise and orange

White kitchen in a combination of turquoise and orange

BMK study project

Orange is one of the colors that creates the greatest contrast with turquoise, but in a positive way. That is, they complement each other and can be combined.

Although they combine well, calmer, brown shades of orange match better with lighter or standard oranges.

And if you love orange, here you can see more colors that combine with orange.

Turquoise and black

A room that combines turquoise color in the walls with black

Photo by Live the Fancy Life

Another color that should not be missing from any list of colors to be combined is black. Also neutral, it recognizes any color they throw at it, even turquoise. It’s not a combination for all tastes, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best colors to combine with turquoise in walls or decoration.

Turquoise and pink

Colors corresponding to turquoise: pink

Photography and project Estudio BMK

Another color that creates a strong contrast when combined with turquoise is pink. We see it in this bedroom with walls and headboards in these colors and they look great.

Whether it’s roses in gentle and pale tones like quartz rose or mid-tones, standard pink, as well as the strongest pink like fuchsia, we can combine them with turquoise, without fear; and here you can see more colors that match pink.

But as two powerful colors, as you can imagine, you have to combine them, but with some measure, or the result may overload the space. And if you want to combine it properly and combine turquoise in the decoration with pink, add gray or medium white along with them, and the result will be perfect.

Turquoise and earth tones

Photography and project by Amanda Carol Interiors

Beige, sandy tones, earthy, ivory, eggs, broken white, all this range of colors that could fall into the category of earthy tones, some lighter and others darker, works very well with turquoise. They add the warmth it lacks and complement each other perfectly.

This room above these lines on the walls has a very light beige tone that combines perfectly with the turquoise sofa.

Turquoise and green

Photo 10 Decoration

These are the two colors found in the cold part of the chromatic circle; Furthermore, they are also analog colors, that is, they are located together on the color wheel. All this makes green and turquoise combine very well.

We can appreciate this in the kitchen designed by Patricia Bustos at Casa Decor, where turquoise and various green fools combine perfectly.

As these are two cool colors, if you want to create a cozy space, you need to put materials like wood or other warm medium color to achieve that atmosphere.

And if you love green and want to combine it properly, here you can see the best colors to combine with green.

Turquoise and other shades of blue

Decorative proposal based on blue and turquoise tones

As with all matching color lists, turquoise is matched with a solid color palette based on turquoise or blue colors of different shades. All colors match, even if they have other shades and saturation; and here you can see more colors that match blue.

Turquoise and wood

A fireplace that combines turquoise and wood

Photo @ Tilometry

As you can imagine, if you were careful, wood, a warm and hospitable material, also works very well in combination with turquoise, because it gives it a warmth that it does not have, creating balanced spaces.

Turquoise and coral

Photo by Just a Girl Blog

Another color that combines best with turquoise is coral. If we add it in small doses, as in accessories, supplements and others, the better, and these are two very powerful colors that if added in large doses can saturate the space.

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There are other colors that combine with turquoise in the walls and decoration, but the ones we’ve seen are the most commonly used and the ones that combine best with it. They are a sure hit. If you have a different color in mind and want to see how to combine turquoise with it or you don’t like any of the ones you’ve seen combining it, leave a comment to explain it to me, I’ll be happy to help.

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