The color gold is one of the most powerful tones and with more personality that can be in the decoration.

It is a color that symbolizes wealth, sophistication and glamor; and when you combine it, you have to do it with the right colors to get the most out of it.

And these are the colors I’m going to show you now, so you can combine them with confidence and professionalism. We started.

Red and gold, a traditional combination

Colors combined with gold and gold: red

Red and gold wall wall Etsy

One of the most commonly used combinations in decoration around the world for many years.

You just have to look at Christmas, for example, to realize that what I say is true.

Not just on Christmas holidays. Red is the color of color: In China, for example, women marry red, as do many women in India, and most formal costumes are made in this color.

In addition, if we consider that gold is a color that represents luxury and economic power, we see that it is normal to combine so well with red, because red has been the color of nobles and the rich for centuries. .

Previously, the color of suits did not depend on taste, but on economic strength and status, because the more colors worn in dresses, the more colors were used, and these fabrics were more expensive and exclusive.

In other words, the color rating was inseparable from their price, and red was the most expensive paint in dry cleaners.

That is why red, which in addition to passion, blood and fire symbolizes economic power and luxury, combines so well with gold.

But not all red. Just more stressed. Powerful reds like beautiful English red, burgundy, saturated red … These red shades are the ones you have to combine gold with if you dare to decorate and paint your house like this.

If you’re going to combine gold or gold with soft red, you better not do that. Bet on the mighty reds.

Let’s look at another color that combines with gold.

Gold and black, the most elegant pair

Colors that match gold and gold: Black

Design and photography Monica wants it

As I said at the beginning, golden color or golden tones, among other adjectives, symbolize glamor, sophistication, economic power, and elegance.

As it is, it is not surprising that gold combines so well with black.

Well, black, although an achromatic color (which has no color), and is completely neutral, is another color that shares similarities in terms of its representation.

Black is a sophisticated, elegant color and is used to represent precisely these expressions.

Plus, you can imagine how well these two colors combine.

Naturally, this is not a combination of painting or decorating the whole house. But, for example, for decorating a bedroom wall as we see above these lines and creating a spectacular scene, they are perfect.

If black and red seem to combine excessively with gold, the following color may interest you:

Gold and beige, enveloping combination

Colors combined with gold and gold: beige

Photo by Emily Henderson

Gold is not a color per se, but a finishing touch.

But if we extrapolate that final layer to the color palette, the result is a range of yellow and beige.

So it’s no wonder beige and gold go so well together. Chromatically, they are part of the same color family.

In this case, the combination is softer, thanks to the beige color, and we can work out more with more detail or an abundance of gold or beige.

The combination of both colors is a delicate scene, but with a personality; elegant but without excess.

Beige is one of the best colors that combines with gold in decoration because it softens its strength.

You only need to see the reading corner with a beige armchair and gold details that illustrate this point to see how well they combine.

There are several delicate and serene colors that go great with gold, like the one we see below:

Gold and pink, for a modern and beautiful atmosphere

Colors that match gold and gold: pink

Kenay and Bruguer colors

The resulting atmosphere is similar to the combination of gold and beige, but in this case it is added to the wrap, more impressive, but sweet and elegant touch.

If you decide to combine gold with pink, whether in decorative elements such as paintings, lamps, furniture or on the walls, use a pale pink color.

The rest of the roses, and there seem to be many, do not achieve this enveloping and beautiful environment we see.

The darker the pink, the more vulgar the combination of pink and gold.

And if you think the delicate pink colors are exclusively feminine or “for girls,” I’m sorry to tell you you’re completely wrong.

Many years ago, the delicate pink color was considered masculine. In fact, the world’s most famous newspaper, The Financial Times, launched in 1888 exclusively for men, was launched in soft pink. To this day it still has that color.

Or, for example, La Gazetta dello Sport, an Italian sports newspaper that is read almost exclusively by men, is also printed on pink paper.

I could give you many more examples.

So please erase that annoying cliché from your mind, and if you like the color pink, add it to your decor, whether you are male or female.

But remember, if you’re going to combine it with gold, use shades of soft pink, pastel, like Clay Soft Kenay and Bruger we see above these passages, or the popular Rose Quartz by Pantone or similar. This is a sure hit.

Another color with which you will properly achieve the combination of gold in your home is the following:

Gold and white, safe bet

Colors that match gold and gold: white

Photo A little big bell

The same thing happens with white as with black, they are achromatic colors, they have no shade, they are completely neutral.

Thus, white is conveniently combined with any color.

The fact is that white is usually chameleon-like, that is, it acquires the properties of the color with which it is combined.

In this case, when gold and white are combined, white becomes an elegant and sophisticated color, which makes gold much better.

Don’t be afraid to combine white and gold because they do it very well.

Either in accents, like a photo frame, as you can see in the picture above, or in some gold-painted wall painting techniques.

Gold and lilac, one of the most beautiful combinations

Colors that combine with gold and gold: lilac

Color and chic photography

Soft lilac or pastel violets also go perfectly with gold.

Violet and gold chord are unconventional elegance. But elegance at the end of the day.

They are practically pink and we have seen earlier how well it combines gold and pink.

Although lilac belongs to the range of purple, if you dare to combine gold with purple, it is only with lilac or soft violet.

I don’t mean that purple and gold don’t combine, because in reality any color combines with any other if done correctly, but for a safe and beautiful combination, you better bet on gentle shades of purple like lilac or violet, like we see in the upstairs bedroom with a lilac-painted headboard wall combined with a small picture gallery with a gold frame.

Leaving aside the delicate colors we just saw combining gold and gold, there are more aggressive and stronger colors that also work very well with gold, like the following color:

Gold and navy blue, natural elegance

Colors combined with gold and gold: Dark blue

Audenza Design and products Instagram @audenzahome

If there is an elegant color by nature or that is used to achieve this type of environment, with the exception of black, it is dark blue.

The more powerful it is, the better it works because it has more glamor and value.

In fact, the most expensive color in the world is Ultra Sea Blue or Ultramarine Blue. The paint that is still produced today, although in small doses and only for fans of historical colors, at a price of 15,200 euros per kilogram.

That being said, you can imagine that, among the many other shades that navy blue has, elegance and exclusivity are part of it, and that is why it combines so extremely well with gold, the color of economic power since its inception.

There is another dark color that would also fall into that range of colors that combines naturally well with gold, and that is:

Gold and dark green, classic sophistication

Colors combined with gold and gold: Dark green

Design and photography Old brand new Instagram @dabito

The same thing happens with dark green as with red. They are a classic combination.

Especially the dark carriage-like greenery.

In fact, if you are going to combine green and gold, I advise you to avoid medium tones of green.

Medium tones of green are colors that represent and create environments based on nature, such as cool and relaxing spaces, and do not exactly match the golden tones.

However, darker shades of green are synonymous with elegance, a color widely used by the English bourgeoisie, like the famous English red, to paint and decorate their homes in a sophisticated way and with personality, combining old gold and other typical gold finishes. in these scenes.

And these shades combine perfectly with gold. Green for transport, green from dark jade, aged greenery … They are perfect.

Gold and gasoline blue

Colors combined with gold and gold: Petrol Blue

Design: Ave Styles | Photo by Rennai Hoefer

Gasoline blue is a color that has become very popular lately and is normal because it is beautiful.

This color consists of blue with greenish hues. That is, it is a blue color with green pigmentation.

That said, and considering the previous colors we just saw (blue and green), it’s normal for petrol blue to go so well with gold.

Another color that combines best with gold is the following, which could not be missing from this list:

Gold and brown, a surprising combination

Colors that combine with gold and gold: brown

Wallpapers Direct wallpapers

It’s funny that brown goes along with gold, but it does it very well.

And I say it’s curious because brown is a representative color of nature, in addition to being the color of the poor.

Since the Middle Ages, brown has been a representative color of poverty, as the fabrics worn by peasants, servants and beggars were brown and simply brown because the uncolored fabrics that these classes could afford were made goat, deer or flocks of hair (among other things), which are in their natural state brown materials.

In addition, the color brown is one of the most valued colors in all research and research conducted on the perception of the different colors that people wear, because it reminds us of mud, feces or earth.

As Eva Heller shows in her famous book The Psychology of Color, 17% of women and 22% of men call it the color they like least. In fact, only 1% of men call it their favorite color.

Despite this, today and with all the cons, brown is one of the best colors to combine with gold.

Not only with gold, brown combines very well with many other colors, as we have already seen in this second article on colors that combine with brown.

Well, these are the colors that are best combined with gold and gold in the decoration and walls and which you will surely and professionally guess.

As you can imagine, there are more, but none will succeed like the ones we just saw.

Do you keep in mind to combine with dorad0? I read you in the comments.

And if you think this article might appeal to a friend or family member, share it. Thanks!


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