Painting is one of the most versatile resources available in decoration, not only because of the number of colors available, but also because it is constantly updated, and from time to time new colors and techniques appear on the market to paint walls that become trend in painting, until they obviously go into the background displaced by new paintings.

Today there are dozens of ways to paint walls, but the ones we will see next are the most modern techniques or trends in painting walls at the moment. Join me and introduce them to you.

Extra matte walls

Color trends for painting modern walls: Extra matte colors and walls

Don’t be fooled, no matter how much you try to sell it, “brilli brilli” doesn’t pass its best moment. For several years it was the turn of mating; and more recently ultra matte or extra matte.

And that is that ultra matte or extra matte walls are one of the techniques most used today for painting walls.

One of the colors offered to us by this elegant, velvety, almost silky matte finish is the famous chalk color that has been used so much lately to color furniture.

This type of paint that is applied to the walls, spreads well without leaving traces and achieves a uniform and smooth finish, offers us a precious ultra matte effect that has become very modern.

Half-painted walls

Half-painted walls.  The trend of wall colors.  # Color # Color # Decoration

IKEA Photography

Kinfolk style or the popular wabi sabi are to blame for this way of painting the walls, where you do not expect a perfect finish, but on the contrary enjoy inaccurate and irregular finishes, painting the walls in half, everyone chooses the height of your choice, but instead of tape straight line, the finish is performed with a roller, achieving an inaccurate effect.

Although semi-lacquered walls are called half-painted or as they are called throughout life, plinths but finished in a straight line are also an alternative to modern walls if an imperfect finish does not suit them.

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Color block

Wall painting trends: Color Block

Bohemian Omega Photography

Block paint or painting with color blocks is another trend in painting or painting techniques for painting walls and decorating the most popular rooms at the moment.

It is about painting blocks of colors to achieve strong contrast, rather than creating harmony, highlighting, or influencing them.

Geometry is also used in this technique to define blocks. Squares, hexagons, rectangles … Each of them, whether they are matching colors or not. As long as the overall set is harmonious, any color is valid.

If you like this wall painting technique, I advise you to first define the colors you want to use and then look for ideas and photos all over the Internet to be inspired by the size or position of the blocks.

It is a bold and impressive technique that creates chord spaces, very striking. Is that what you are looking for?

Falling walls

The trend of wall painting: decaying walls

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You could say that this is a technique in which you try to paint the wall badly or with the effect of age, where the appearance of the painting is so old that an aged and decaying patina is created.

This can be achieved by leaving the old wall without repainting, respecting the look left in the painting by the passage of time.

This can also be achieved by applying different patina paints and waxes, although for this you have to be a master or go to a professional painter.

Although if we want to do it ourselves, most manufacturers of paints with high decorations, such as Osaka, have in their catalogs coatings that mimic this type of finish, relatively easy to apply, available to all audiences, whether they are experts or not.

Textured walls

Textured walls.  The trend of wall colors.  # Color # Color # Decoration

Jotun Photography

This trend in wall painting is an upgrade to classic painting techniques such as the breeze or the Florentine country.

While the latter created textured walls, but in an abstract, busty finish, the newer textured colors used solid, solid colors.

Jotun has launched the Lady Mineral palette, which is a color with a textured finish, like the one we see above these lines, in warm and soft colors, like earthy colors, very serene, which along with the color texture creates walls with a lot of personality.

geometric shapes

Wall painting trends: Geometric walls

Design and photography by Bowlinggreenhousetohome

It is similar to the color block technique, but here instead of blocks the walls are divided into geometric shapes, and each shape gets a color or two or more colors are arranged among all the shapes.

It may seem like a technique for young people or children’s spaces, and although it is very suitable for these environments, it is also suitable for adults. You just have to look for photos and ideas online to understand that any space can benefit from this decorative wall technique.


Trend of painting modern walls: Gradients

Photography and design by Wood Spa at Hometalka

Admittedly, this trend in wall decoration colors is blowing, but it still gets a good boost.

Also, what is the difference if it is popular or not, if what it is about is whether you like it or not.

Gradient is a very attractive, young and dynamic painting technique with which you can create a very striking effect on the wall. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, with gradients you can create real decorative gems that are elegant.

The gradient can be performed vertically or horizontally, as well as diagonally, making this technique even more versatile.

The “but” that this way of painting has is its application, which, no matter how many videos and guides there are online, is still not a simple technique.

The best way to apply an even gradient to a wall or any other surface is with a paint gun and knowing how to use it, when and how to blur. Because at the end of the day it is just that, to achieve a blurred uniform.

If you are a craftsman and have painting equipment, such as a stun gun or a compressor and a pneumatic gun, go ahead. If not, I advise you to look at the tutorial online, practice a lot and then do it.

And if you still don’t dare, consult a professional. If it’s just a wall or a few rags, it’s not very expensive.

Black walls

The trend of painting modern walls: black walls

Design and photography by Swoon Worthy

One of the most prominent and pronounced painting trends is undoubtedly the painting of the walls in black.

It’s as if the cliché or negative aura that black has always had regarding internal application has disappeared. And I’m glad.

It is natural that it is a color with a certain risk, because it does not reflect light, but absorbs it and if it is not applied properly and combines well, it can be unbearable, gloomy, chaotic.

However, if applied properly, in the right measure and combined well, it becomes an elegant, modern, timeless resource with a lot of character.

Obviously, there are many, many other ways to paint walls, but the ones we’ve seen are among the most prominent painting trends at the moment. Although deep inside, it means nothing. True?

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What is your favorite painting technique? What do you think about these wall trends? I would love to hear your thoughts. And if you have questions about how to apply any of these colors or any other, I will be happy to answer you in the comments.

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