Dirty white color It is one of the most popular shades, although it may sound familiar to you under other names, such as off-white, colored white or egg-colored, among other names, which all fit into the color of the bones.

This color belongs to a series of whitesTherefore, all previous denominations would be acceptable. Even so, dirty white or dirty white is a characteristic shade, since, although it belongs to a number of whites, carries pigmentation.

Standard bone color

Standard bone color Titanium markings

Very little, but enough to exist different shades of bone color and stand out from traditional whites: light bones, dark, yellowish, brown, gray, as well as other shades that we will see below.

All of these nuances and characteristics, as well as those yet to be seen, make up this color is perfect for any space, as it is bright, warm, hospitable and dresses spaces with a greater presence than ordinary standard white.

With those words, follow me and discover this photos and ideas for painting and decorating in white, in addition to other utilities.

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Dirty white on the living room walls

Living room with off-white walls

Here we see a dirty white color in action, on the walls of this spacious and bright living room. As we can see, it differs significantly from white, but neither saturates nor burdens the space, it simply dresses the walls with elegance, combining with everything else, because as it belongs to white, it is a neutral color.

You don’t have to be a professional decorator or interior designer to combine this color, although if you want to, you can attend courses and official master’s degrees in landscaping and interior design here to become a professional.

Living room decorated in white and red

Photo ShutterStock

This second room has white painted walls, combined with a red accent wall. They match naturally and the contrast between red and off-white is not as strong as standard white.

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Modern living room decorated in neutral tones

Photo by Iñaki Caperochipi Etxe & Co project

Although we intend to have a completely white look, we can paint the walls of the living room a dirty white color which, as we can see, will still have a completely white color, but in a warmer way. The walls of the living room will be decorated with more presence and will cover the space, as this beautiful room designed by the Etxe & Co studio in Madrid looks like.

Living room decorated in gray and off-white

Photo ShutterStock

This other elegant room has an off-white color combined with gray tones. It is still white, it is still bright and pleasant, but with a dose of sophistication thanks to the shades of gray.

Living room decorated in neutral tones and off-white

Interior design Natalia Zubizarreta Photo by Felipe Scheffel

Two walls were painted grayish beige, and the other added to the perfect bone color, as the white tone would be very cool.

Room decorated in off-white and cool colors.

Proyecto at home

Combined with cool and vibrant shades of green woodwork and blue sofa upholstery and marble carpet in shades of blue, the space was designed by At Home studio

Living room painted in bone color

Kitchen open to the living room in light wood tones and with white painted walls, provided warmth and comfort.

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Dirty white on the bedroom walls

Room painted white bone

As you can imagine, this color works wonders in bedrooms. It dresses the walls making them very combinatorial and offers the space a pleasant and bright shade.

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Bedroom painted in bone color combined with blue

Nice Home Barcelona project

Here we see it combined with blue accents of painted wooden beams and a braid that covers the bed, and the combination is perfect.

Bedroom with wooden ceiling and egg white walls

Olga Makarova

In addition, painting all the walls of the bedroom, or any other space with this color, will also help us to unite.

You just have to look at the bedroom above these lines to see how it combines very different colors, materials and textures and makes them work together.

Nice Home Barcelona project

If you don’t want the bedroom walls to be the main characters, because furniture and accessories are the ones that carry visual weight, but standard white is too mild, bone color is the perfect tone to paint your walls.

Room painted in off-white

Project Fit your House

Not just for walls: cabinets, furniture and textiles in this color work the same way: more presence, warmth and timelessness.

Minimalist room in white

Domestic staging project Mallorca

Another style that can benefit from this tone is minimalist, as it doesn’t make the space as cool as if it were painted white.

Bedroom in white bone

HS Decor project

Leave the white side, if your intention is to make the bedroom bright, whitish is perfect for that, because, after standard white, the colors are the ones that reflect the highest percentage of light, making the space brighter.

Colors that match off-white

As it belongs to the white palette, it has a neutral tone, so off-white combines with all the other colors we can imagine. Still, let’s take a look at some of the ones he handles best.

Dirty white and blue

Bedroom painted in bone color combined with blue

Nice Home Barcelona project

We’ve seen it before. A cool tone, like blue, and a neutral tone, like bone, the combination must be good, as required.

Off-white and brown

Living room in brown and off-white

Photography Furniture

In this room we see how one wall is painted chocolate brown and the rest has remained white, and we can see how well they combine.

Dirty white and yellow

Living room painted in bone color combined with mustard

Photo by Mauricio Fuertes Interior design The Room Studio

Room Studio is a specialist in achieving the most pleasant and modern environments, full of style and good taste, and in many of their works they use these tones to cover the walls of their projects. In this we see how well they work with yellow mustard.

Dirty white and red and orange tones

Living room decorated in white and red

Photo ShutterStock

The dirty white color dominates the space in this other room, together with the accent wall in red tones, showing on this occasion that the two colors combine very well. Because it is a neutral tone, either with orange or red, it combines without a problem.

Dirty white and pink

Living room with off-white walls combined with pink and blue furniture

Photo: Sílvia Caballero

If you like a decoration full of color, with blue or pink, or some other color, you can easily add off-white color to the walls, because as we see, and as I have said on several occasions, it combines with all colors.

Off-white and earthy tones

Bedroom in earth tones combined with off-white

Some off-white or off-white tones, in more saturated versions, are almost earthy tones. But don’t confuse them.

This bedroom has elegant wallpapers in earth tones that cover part of its walls, and the rest is painted in an off-white color, showing how they combine both tones.

Dirty white and green

Green and off-white room

Photo Furniture

Whether it’s wall paints, decorative elements, paintings, artwork, or green plants, green goes great with off-white paint.

Despite seeing these colors, like I said, don’t be afraid to combine bone color with any other, as it always works well.

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How to make bone color

Fortunately, white is very easy to make. We only need white and some colors, depending on the shade we want to give the color. I explain:

  • Add a few drops of ocher to the white and mix until you see that it is a white shade.
  • We should not shade the white color too much or we will go over and create beige or any other earthy tone. Remember that what we are looking for is off-white, smudged white.
  • After we have painted the white beige, we carefully add a few drops of black, to reduce the ocher and permanently colored the white, thus achieving an off-white color.
  • Once a dirty white color is obtained, we can add other shades.
  • If we want it to be more brown, we add a few drops of brown.
  • If we prefer it to be more grayish-white, then we will add a few drops of black.
  • If we want it to be yellowish-white, we will have to add a few drops of ocher.

We will do all the shades we want to add.

Of course, remember, don’t overdo it with colors or you’ll overdo it with color saturation, and you won’t get broken white, or bone, or egg, or any other kind of white, but a different color.

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  • The off-white color is part of a series of whites. So it’s a bright and neutral color.
  • These features mean it can be combined with any color.
  • It is a suitable color for painting all the rooms, although we only saw the bedrooms and living rooms. You can extrapolate his characteristics and feelings to another space without any problems.
  • It is very easy to do, as we have just seen, and add a shade of color that suits us.
  • It is perfect for uniting materials, textures and colors in harmony.

Well, if you have read so far, in addition to overeating, you will also realize that white is the perfect color to apply in any space because of its inherent characteristics. However, if you have any questions, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer.

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