Waking up with good coffee is one of the little pleasures you have every day.

And we who grow coffee know that well.

That’s why u World Coffee Day We want to present you some of the best ideas to start the day with energy.

# 1 Expresso or Espresso coffee

Coffee Day: Espresso

Preparation from Of Italian origin which is achieved by an Italian coffee machine.

It is normal to serve in a small cup.

His knowledge is strong.

# 2 Cut the coffee

Cutting coffee

Not all stomachs and palates can tolerate the strong taste of espresso coffee.

That is why there are alternatives that soften its taste without losing a single crumb of quality.

Cortado coffee is an expresso coffee with a small amount of milk.

Very little!

# 3 Cappuccino

Would you like a cappuccino?

One of the most famous among young people and those with sweet teeth.

It is a type of espresso to which milk with foam is added and garnished with cocoa or cinnamon sprinkled on top.

The secret is that coffee, milk and foam are shared equally (it is best to serve it in a large cup).

# 4 Coffee with milk

Coffee with milk

This type of coffee needs a little representation.

Espresso to which milk is added.

Experts say it should be a third of coffee and two milks, although we recommend that you prepare it to your liking.

# 5 Coffee with colored milk

Colored coffee in the morning

A cup of hot milk to which a small amount of espresso is added.

We turn the tables.

It is served in a tall glass.

# 6 Chocolate coffee

Candy coffee of the Murcia region

One coffee to which condensed milk is added and served in a cup to appreciate the color contrast.

It is very common in the Murcia region.

# 7 American coffee

Best to start: American coffee

You’ve seen it in all the American movies and series.

It is an espresso to which warm water is added, making a smoother and longer drink.

# 8 Mocha coffee

Mocha coffee

Pleasure for the senses.

Espresso with chocolate and milk in equal parts.

It is painted with a small layer of foam on the surface on which cinnamon or cocoa is poured.

# 9 Irish coffee

Irish coffee

Irish whiskey is poured into a glass, sugar and strong hot coffee are added up to 2 centimeters below the rim.

Stir well and slowly add the cold, light whipped cream, which should stay floating in the coffee. It is drunk without stirring.

# 10 Scottish coffee

Are we going to Scotland?

It is a preparation similar to Irish coffee, instead of sweet only vanilla ice cream is chosen.

# 11 Smooth coffee

A type of shaken instant coffee to which milk is added and served very cold.

It is perfect for summers.

# 12 Barraquito

Typical coffee from the Canary Islands.

It is prepared with coffee, condensed milk and milk, served in a medium cup.

In addition, you can take cinnamon, lemon or liqueur.

Here are these 12 coffee ideas that you can enjoy on an interesting day like today.


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