Sliding barn doors have become very modern. The truth is that it doesn’t surprise me, because if the right door is chosen, it looks spectacularly good.

And not just or necessarily in a rustic or antique setting, no; but also in more modern and minimalist spaces, as the contrast they create is the most interesting.

If you also want to add some to your home, I have prepared a selection of barn doors, some more rustic, some more modern, some older, but all beautiful and ready to install.

In other words, these doors are already prepared: Varnished, painted, stripped … Besides, they all come with hardware.

Some are simple and others are double, but don’t worry, I’ll tell you the details of each so you can buy the one that best suits your requirements.

I found them all on the Etsy platform, where all their products are original and handmade. Which adds value to me.

And, if you already have a door and you only need hardware, I have also prepared a collection of hardware for barn doors or antique sliding doors, beautiful. Only shackles, no doors.

If you want to see the door, keep reading and, if on the contrary you want to go look directly at the fittings because you already have a door, you can do so by clicking on this link: Hardware for visible sliding doors.

Let’s look at the door.

Antique, rustic and modern sliding door with barn

Sliding door vintage look

We start with my favorite model: a French vintage door with a strong and striking hardware that creates a beautiful contrast. They are also handmade and can be personalized, although they won me over with this finish. See more details or buy>

Double white sliding barn door

Original double sliding barn door, handmade from wood and then painted white. You can put it at the entrance to the living room, to divide the kitchen from the living room or dining room from the living room, as well as for the closet. These visible sliding doors already come with hardware included and, although we see them painted white here, they can be ordered in many other finishes. See more details or buy>

Open sliding door with mirror

There is another type of sliding door that we really like, and that is the ones we see above these lines. A door with a rough wooden frame treated with varnish, and a large mirror in the middle. Perfect for lighting and visually enlarging any space. See more details or buy>

Open and vintage double sliding door with hardware

Another model of door that I love, vintage cut and worn effect, with beautiful hardware. This model can also be customized, although I wouldn’t touch it. See more details or buy>

View of the sliding barn door with hardware

With a rustic or rustic cut, a style that suits this type of neck like a glove. This second model also comes with hardware and although the doors we see have a natural look of worn wood, we can request them in other finishes as well. See more details or buy>

Sliding barn door with black metal hardware

If you are looking for a sliding barn door in an authentic style, these double doors, which already come with the included hardware, are perfect. Despite the fact that we see in the picture that they are painted in white, this model of door can be sought in many other finishes, as they are made by hand and the possibilities of customization are very wide. See more details or buy>

Sliding wooden barn door with black metal fittings

Modern in a rustic style, with dark wood and matching hardware, this other simple sliding door can also be customized to your liking. See more details or buy>

Epoxy sliding doors

This second sliding door with included hardware is a much more modern style, in case you are looking for a sliding door in a modern style. It is made of wood with a large vertical crack in epoxy resin, which we can request in any color we want. See more details or buy>

Open black wooden sliding door with iron goods

And more contemporary, with a more modern style and not as rough as the original barn door, this second model of sliding door painted in black also comes with hardware included and can be customized, in colors, finishes, designs or measurements. See more details or buy>

Open sliding door made of carved wood with black hardware

If you want something unique and completely personalized, this other retailer makes doors from authentic carved wooden artwork. This is just one example of a double sliding door, but don’t miss the other models as they are all stunningly beautiful. See more details or buy>

Rustic door in old or white color with ferrous metal hardware

Rustic, traditional and finished in a bare white color that seems to give it a more authentic touch if possible, right? Here we see that they are built-in to cover cabinets, but this double visible sliding door can be perfectly installed in the living room, kitchen or wherever we want. See more details or buy>

Vintage exposed sliding door with the effect of wear and tear with black metal fittings

Another door style that also looks very good is the one we see above these lines, an antique model with a sour finish that gives it authenticity. These are simple doors that already come with hardware included, ready to install, like all the models we see. See more details or buy>

Sliding door fittings

Visible sliding door fittings are just as important as the door itself, aesthetically speaking, as their design completes the whole set by adding personality and uniqueness to the whole door. An old or barn door without proper hardware loses all its charm.

So I have prepared a nice collection of them, all in black metal, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste and your door. Let’s look at them:

Black metal barn, vintage or rustic hardware for sliding doors

With a double wheel, a hardware model that can be used on any door, creating a nice contrast. See more details or buy>

Black metal barn, vintage or rustic hardware for sliding doors

If you are looking for a more modern model, the other hardware is perfect. With straight and minimalist lines, they fit perfectly into modern spaces. See more details or buy>

Sliding door hardware made of ferrous metal, antique or rustic ferrous metal with barn

Huge, gross, industrial, valuable. Whether for one or two doors, this equipment has many personalities and will add charm to the whole set. I love them. See more details or buy>

Hardware for sliding doors made of ferrous metal, rustic, antique look or barn

Double and with wheels, industrial type, perfect for installing any type of sliding door, whether old, rustic or more current. See more details or buy>

Black metal barn, vintage or rustic hardware for sliding doors

Industrial style, where the hardware is almost prominent from the door itself thanks to the large arch that covers the entire width of the door. See more details or buy>

Black metal barn, vintage or rustic hardware for sliding doors

Industrial, but simpler and minimalist, integrated into spaces of the same style without attracting much attention. Exactly what is needed. See more details or buy>

Sliding door hardware made of ferrous metal, rustic, vintage or barn

Another model of rustic cut with an anchor finish that adds decoration and personality to the whole door. See more details or buy>

Although these sliding door fittings we just saw come with doors, they just want to show how they would look with doors, but they are sold without doors, only fittings.

Have you already decided on one? I read you in the comments. If you think this article might be of interest to a friend or family member, share it. Also, I remind you to subscribe to the newsletter to receive all ideas and articles as soon as they are published.

And if you wanted more, here are a few ideas for decorating a visible sliding door.


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