We have told you about this many times on this blog Avintia Inmobiliaria, reference company in the real estate sector and belonging to the Avintia Group.

Now we mention them again with the news with which they signed the agreement Fortress, an alternative funding platform behind it Goldman Sachs, for your Knit Arriu project.

Knit Arriu: a project located in the Baqueira Beret ski resort

Knit Arriu is a project sold through a real estate boutique Lantana Premium.

It is a promotion that consists of 38 family houses, exclusive villas, whose area varies between 360 and 530 square meters.

Houses of different types that allow customers to enjoy unique spaces, with avant-garde design, respecting the tradition of the seal Hand architecture.

What are the homes of the Pleta Arriu project like?

As you can imagine, these are homes with materials of the highest quality, accompanied by water areas for relaxation and ski areas.

And all this with the advantage that the slopes of the Baqueira-Beret ski resort can be accessed directly and quickly from the homes themselves.

When will these homes be available?

It is a series of houses that the company has developed since 2019 and which it plans to complete so that they can be operational ski season 2022-2023.

Antonio Martín Jiménez, President of the Avintia Group, talks about this.

“Despite the circumstances that have occurred since Covid 19, we were able to continue work during 2020, and recently, after the winter season, work was restarted, probably one of the most unique housing projects on projects undertaken in Spain and in the mountains around of the world. We thank Stronghold for the flexibility and agility provided in analyzing such an important operation »


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