So, what do you need to know about your partner before you move in with her?

During 2020, the rules of the game changed forever. If you knew by then that you would spend half a day outside at work … you can now share 100% of the day.

That is why we asked you and others to send us the situations that have made you the happiest since the closing until today, February 14.

You certainly feel identified with more than one of them …

PS: Happy Valentine’s Day!

They’ll tell you to do the dishes … BUT IT’S A LIE

Steam dishwashing

This is too often. And when we tell you that he will do the dishes, we also mean cleaning the house or any other household chore.

No matter how many shifts you have scheduled, there will surely come a time when comes out with an excuse.

Occasionally nothing happens, but watch carefully to make it commonplace.

You know how they say, a service repeated three times becomes a routine …

Watch where you walk … Drawers and cabinets always stay open

Be careful when leaving drawers open!

For some weird reason, there are people who believe leaving drawers and closets open is fun! And it will make you feel like you are in an amusement park that is constantly closing its doors.

Only instead of being burdened with fun will he be filled with pain. I don’t know if you’ve ever suffered that, but hitting your lower leg in a drawer isn’t the most pleasant situation out there.


You better make it clear to the other side that you won’t be the one closing the drawers or you’ll get more than one good shot.

Be careful with the toilet bowl! This can lead to a drop in heart rate

Raised toilet

If you live with a man … watch out for a heart attack when you sit on the toilet without looking first. The lid is always left up!

How is it not affected …

If I tell you the truth, I would like to tell you an effective strategy against this situation, but generations pass and no one finds a way.

So now you know, if you succeed, share the secret with everyone else.

You’ve never cleaned the bathroom mirror that much

Dirty mirror in the bathroom

The fact is that certain people when they wash their hands, teeth or just look in the mirror … SWEEP. Inexplicable.

Even the highest parts!

I’d love to know what the technique is, but I can only imagine people spitting like a fountain.

Any ideas?

Ah, but … isn’t garbage just thrown away?

You have to throw out the trash!

Today it’s your turn, tomorrow it’s me …

It is one of those commitments that should be scheduled as soon as possible. If not, the garbage will pile up and pile up until you can do it again.

It is important to have a routine of taking out the garbage every one or two days or taking advantage of any displacement we make.

Why do you leave toothpaste like this?

Brushing your teeth

See if your partner is one of those who squeezes a bottle of toothpaste so that the last drop comes out or is one of those who bends the end of the container until it is so tiny that it is impossible to grab it with your hands.

No one told you that life with another person would be easy, but they did not warn you that it would be a great gymkhana.


Leave the light on

Now that you realize your mother is chasing you around the house turning off the lights. They cost money! And that is minimal effort.

However, some people find it much more comfortable to leave them on and make it look like it is noon in all the rooms of the house.

These are just some of the adventures you will have at home, but they are not the only ones.

If you have experienced stories like this, I encourage you to leave them in the comments and we will be very pleased to share them.

Happy Valentines!

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