The adhesive vinyl floors, or tires, as they are known, are back in fashion. This type of flooring began to be seen almost five years ago, in the 60s and 70s. In many Spanish homes, this type of flooring was used because it was much cheaper and easier to install than to make ceramic tiles.

vinyl floor tiles

Nowadays, either because it is cheap and easy to assemble, or because of the wide range of finishes available, the fact is that this floor has been reborn with many very successful imitations. We can find vinyl flooring from wood effect, marble, normal tiles, mosaic tiles and endless varieties more.

vinyl floor tiles imitation wood and marble

What is needed to install adhesive vinyl flooring?

To install this floor, you obviously need the same floor, which you can buy at any material and building store, such as Leroy Merlin, or at stores that specialize in flooring and parquet. Or u Amazon, click here >>

Meter for measurement and necessary cuts.

Cutter or blade for cutting strips of vinyl flooring.

Before you start gluing vinyl floors.

The floor on which we will glue vinyl floors must be perfectly clean. We have to sweep and then clean. When it dries we can start gluing the floor.

If the floor on which we are going to lay the floor has cracks, we must repair them first. If not, then those same cracks will be marked on the vinyl floors.

If we paste vinyl flooring On top of a floor with normal tiles we must first apply a thin layer of mortar to level all the joints between the tile and the tile. If not, when the vinyl floor is laid for a while, all the joints of the lower tiles will start to be marked.

Where to start gluing vinyl floors?

The floor usually starts to stick to the side of the longest wall of the living room, room or the place where we will place it. But depending on the design and size of the floor, its placement can vary. To be safe, ask your dealer or look for instructions on the floor packaging.

We must keep in mind that, although this floor is flourishing again thanks to its price and easy installation, it is still an imitation. This means that it is weaker and more sensitive than wood or ceramic, it is chipped and can be broken much more easily, and the final layer, although very successful, is still an imitation. These are some “buts” that adhesive vinyl floors.

Otherwise, it must be recognized that it is very practical, easy to install and inexpensive. Three highly valued properties today.

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