Did you know that the coronavirus triggered the demand for it Prefabricated houses?

In a context that many people wanted run away from big cities,, Manufactured houses have become a great opportunity to quickly enjoy a home with a garden.

If you want to know all about this type of very special home and ultimately want it to be your next big investment, keep reading this post.

Prefabricated houses: flourishing thanks to a pandemic

Prefabricated houses: flourishing thanks to a pandemic

It takes some time to make a manufactured house. between three and nine months, with a cost per square meter of about a thousand euros.

If you combine the speed with which they are prepared, with the fact that they are economically very affordable, it is easy to understand why many people consider this an option.

After spending three months locked up in very small apartments in big cities, many began to appreciate it another way of life.

For them, a prefabricated house is the best option: short delivery time and affordable prices.

What picture do you have of prefabricated houses?

Prefabricated wooden houses

I know.

There are people you talk to about prefabricated houses and they imagine a wooden house, in the style of booths in movies.

Nothing is further from reality.

A manufactured home is a home that can have all the luxuries of a conventional home.

As a result, they are increasingly becoming a real alternative to living homes.

How long does it take to prepare a manufactured home?

Although the time depends on the type of home produced and the complexity of the project, the deadlines range from three to nine months.

That is, they are delivered to the customer for much less time than the construction of a lifetime.

Are houses cheaper or do they share the price with traditional houses?

Price of prefabricated houses

As you can imagine, the price at the end of the day depends on what the buyer wants for their home.

It is very important that you learn to distinguish these prefabricated houses from the famous Tiny Cottages.

Unlike them, these are not small houses, but they are complete houses that can have all kinds of luxuries.

As I told you in the introduction, the price of this type of housing is usually around a thousand euros per square meter and each addition adds a plus to this price.

However, average prices save more than 30% compared to traditional homes.

Personalization: an attitude that goes in favor of this type of house

One of the main attractions of custom homes is what the client can do adjust it.

This is possible because most construction companies work with modular blocks..

It is a mechanism that facilitates its construction and transfer, as well as the possibility of easy expansion of the property after delivery.

Where to place a prefabricated house?

Where to place a prefabricated house

A million dollar question, right?

In the moment of truth, this will depend on whether you are real estate or a well mobile.

  • Property: the house is anchored to the ground and has electricity and public water connections. In that case, it will be considered a traditional home and you will need all the permits and licenses of anyone else.
  • Furniture good: the house is not anchored to the ground and has its own means of supply. In this case, a building permit is not required, but a location license.

Do banks give mortgages to buy manufactured homes?

Manufactured mortgages for the house

In order to give you an adequate answer, it is very important to once again distinguish real estate from personal property.

In the first case, Yes that it will be possible to apply for a mortgage to pay for the manufactured house, although they will ask you for even more applications:

  • It should be located on land that can be developed.
  • You must have a building and municipal permit.
  • It must be anchored to the country and entered in the Property Register.

However, the most interesting thing in this process is that there is no traditional mortgage, but one of the well-known ones self-promoter mortgage.

The main feature of this type of mortgage is that all the money is not given to the client, but that the bank gives it bonds as the work progresses.

So, the first payment is the largest, and then the next ones are made on the scheduled dates.

After this post you already know everything you need prefabricated houses and something tells us that you already want to have it for yourself.


If you too are one of those who had to limit yourself to a small house and are now looking forward to finding a home with more outdoor space, this is the best option you have.


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