Are you looking perfect tenant but you have no idea if it is with Oh reality?


With all the stories of Fr. troubled tenants who count there, the unusual thing is that there are people who still want to hire.

However, let me tell you something very important: the vast majority of tenants are perfect for you. The problem is that good stories don’t last that long.

So you will find out in this post how to find that tenant which makes rented time a pleasure.

Clearly determine which tenant you are looking for … but above all the one you are not

How to find the perfect tenant

While I still argue that most tenants are good people, that doesn’t mean they’re best for you.

That is why it is important to be very clear to whom you want to rent an apartment, but above all who does not.

And, be careful, I’m not telling you this, because there are better and worse groups, but because each profile has specific needs.

Some will require more of your attention, others will initially require more … you will never get bored.

So now I want you to ask yourself something:

  • Do you prefer family?
  • Maybe you are willing to have students at home?
  • And what about the couple?

What needs to be clear to you is this some of them carry more risk, but the reward is greater.

You have to appreciate it.

Don’t look for a straw in someone else’s eye: start with yourself

Is there a perfect tenant?

Another issue you need to be very clear about is what type of tenant your property may aspire to.

Listen to me.

By this I do not mean that it is better or worse, but on the basis of many details such as:

  • Number of rooms.
  • Location.
  • Antiquity.
  • The area in which it is located.

There will be more attractive for one or another group of people.

For example, if your home is in an area surrounded by leisure, surely students value it more than a family seeking peace.

That’s why it’s so important to look at yourself first and then you see which is the best fish you can find.

How to improve the property to attract better tenants: 4 very simple keys

4 keys to improving your home

It’s one thing to know what tenant profile to which you should go and quite different which you cannot increase the value of your home market.

With a few small changes you will ensure that perceived value by tenants is higher than currently:

  • Repair any type of damage so you don’t bargain for the rental price.
  • Highlight it: paint the walls, repair the floor, install new doors …
  • He applies home scene techniques when you are received so that you can imagine how you live inside.
  • Take the best possible photos when you post them on a portal like Globalize.

As they say, You only have one chance to leave a first impression. The better the floor at first glance, it will make it easier for you to want to live in it.

It’s your turn to be a journalist: do a personal interview with a tenant

Even if you rent a home through an intermediary, I recommend that you always meet the tenant in person.

Trust me, as soon as I sign the lease that will be your problem, so it is always better to choose scare to the dead.

I assure you that in a few minutes you will know with him if they are the tenants you are looking for. As they say, there are things they feel.

However, It never hurts to want to know more about him.

  • Looking for references.
  • Ask other landlords about their behavior.
  • Know what their attitude is.
  • Be sure to pay religiously.

Son very important details to make you feel better when you sign the contract.

The paper is not misleading: ask the tenants for documents to ensure their solvency

How to sign a lease
  • Employment contract. An indefinite contract will have greater job stability than a temporary or employment contract.
  • Internship at work. The longer you work on it, the less likely you are to get rid of it.
  • Request their last 3 payrolls. Check the worker’s salary and whether the contract he gave us is still in force.

Whoever warns is not a traitor: ask for a deposit and take out rental insurance

Write down all of this before choosing the perfect tenant

As you know, a bond is required and must be equivalent to a monthly rent.

Also, it’s a good idea take out rental insurance which has a guarantee of collection of up to 12 unpaid monthly payments and any internal damages.

It may seem like absurd cost, but depending on the client it may be the best possible decision.

Now it’s your turn to apply all these techniques find your perfect tenant.

Remember you can leave us in the comments any questions you have and we will always reply to you in less than 48 hours.


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