The Flipping House is a modality investing in real estate which had just landed in Spain directly from the United States.

celebrities love Leonardo Dicaprio Oh Ellen DeGeneres they earn a fortune from these investments.

Why Leonardo DiCaprio is investing in Flipping House

Investments that are starting to replicate in Spain and that are emerging as a big opportunity thanks old housing stock it is in our country.

If you want to discover all about Flipping House, know how this way of investing works and see how to take advantage of this opportunity, keep reading.

What is a Flipping House?

This is how Flipping House works

A reversible house is a modality of investment that literally translates “Turn the house around.”

It is a process that consists of buy a house in poor condition, reform it to increase its value and put it back on the market to sell it for more money.

In theory, this is very simple, but when it comes to it, you need a team of experts ready to perform all tasks precisely: from assessing the value of the house to concluding a quick sale.

Flipping House team: what allies do you need for this investment?

Flipping House team

Interested in the world of Flipping House?


So, the first step you should take is to sort out your way of working And for this it is important to focus on these two aspects:

  • Find key business partners for Flipping House.
  • Understand what the key tools and resources are for this.

When you connect these elements well, it will be much easier for you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Key Flipping House Investment Partners: Who Should You Contact?

Flipping House expert team

If you want to achieve results in the Flipping House area, the first thing is to find them key partners:

  • Reform companies.
  • Interior designers.
  • Architects
  • Real estate agents.
  • Property photographers.

I know they may seem costly to you, but the experts at Flipping House point out that they are the difference between closing the right and the right job and not getting it.

Why do you need a renovation company to operate Flipping House?

Reasons to reform the apartment for sale

As you’ve already discovered, part of the reform is what makes the difference between an operation that works and one that doesn’t work at Flipping House.

This is a step that will allow you to give your home that added value that allows you to make your investment profitable.

Hire one that gives you the guarantees you need to work and that makes you feel comfortable making decisions.

How does the role of the architect work in Flipping House?

The role of architecture in the Flipping House

Although it is consumable for many people, I recommend that you team up with one from the beginning

The architect will help you discover structural problems in the building and will inform you about the sustainability of the projects you want to develop or not.

Their knowledge will be key to discovering good investment opportunities, others that are not so interesting, and even possible scams they want to throw in your face.

What is the role of the designer in your Flipping House strategy?

The role of the domestic scene in overturning the house

You can be both a designer and an expert in decorative marketing or home scenes.

Their role in your Flipping House investment will be to develop a decorative marketing strategy that will make the customer fall in love as soon as they walk through the door.

How will he or she be experts in the field, You can see the possibilities that the property has.

Why is it better to hire a real estate photographer than take a photo with a cell phone?

Why hire a photographer

Have you ever heard of it deceived expensive rises?

That is pure reality.

There are a lot of people who choose to take pictures with their mobile phones instead of investing in a professional photographer.

The price of these photographers is not too high and they will help you leave a first impression of your property unmatched.

What tools are needed to perform a rollover operation?

What tools are needed for Operation Flipping House?

Now that you know each of the parties involved in the process, the next step is to find it tools.

  • Partnership agreements.
  • Globalize.
  • Excel.

With these three tools, you can achieve great results in your Flipping House investment.

What is a partnership agreement?

What is a partnership agreement?

While what I am going to tell you may seem absurd, I want to remind you.

In case the flies go.

When performing operations as important as Flipping House, it is essential that you do everything legally.

You will sign a partnership agreement with each of the parties involved in this operation.

Here friendships are not worth it or being a family, problems arise later.

Go global: the best way to find a customer

Globaliza - Your real estate portal for Flipping House

Globalization allows you to publish your properties and show them to thousands of visitors who come every day in search of real estate.

Don’t underestimate this thing. The faster you sell your home, the more profitable you will get.

Excel and other tools

Excel and other Flipping House tools

Excel is a tool that will allow you to:

  • Calculate budgets.
  • Enjoy the templates to perform the calculation.
  • Prepare scenarios before to invest.

If you want to invest successfully and ensure that you always make money, these analyzes are necessary.

Now that you know how Flipping House operations work, it’s your turn.

Will you dare to invest in this system or do you still see it too far?

Leave me in the comments all your questions and I will always answer you in less than 48 hours.


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