Today’s TVs with their high technology and beautiful finish are the devices we love to display; we are proud that it is bigger, more expensive and more modern.

But there is no place for television in interior design. When a house is on display, television is not an element that contributes anything to the decoration, so they exist furniture and television concealment systems.

And in addition to these systems that were created on purpose, there are also more original, simpler or more ostentatious ideas for hiding television.

So if you are looking for ideas or want to know how to hide or hide television, take a look at these tips which you can see below.

Hiding the TV behind a carved wooden door frame

Hidden and concealed TV in a sliding wooden frame

Simplicity of projects and photography in the south

On the wall are placed rails on which a wooden frame is placed, with the front part of carved wood or to the taste of each of them. It’s a relatively simple “do it yourself” task and of course cheap. In addition, as we can adjust the wood as we wish, it is a very versatile option to hide the TV that adapts to any space.

Hide the TV with a wooden board

Hidden and hidden television in the TV cabinet

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If we place the TV in a large piece of furniture, we can always look for an additional panel made to measure that matches the design of the furniture to hide it.

Anyway, today there are many TV cabinets that already have this option.

Hide the color TV

Hidden and hidden TV on a black background on the wall

Photography and project Rain on a tin roof

It’s one of the most elegant solutions I’ve seen so far. As you can see, it is enough to paint the wall behind the TV black so that the TV itself blends and blends with the wall, making it unnoticed.

Plus, black is always in fashion and looks great everywhere. Or almost everyone.

Hide the TV behind two sliding doors

Hidden and hidden television behind a sliding door

Project and photo by Liz Marie Blog

This idea is, as you can see, like the first one, but with a charming handmade vintage touch. Two pieces of half-bare old door and a fence that holds and moves them.

Hide the TV behind the sliding frame

Hidden and hidden television behind a sliding photo frame

Photo by Mary Romney

This idea is based on the premise of the previous one. A fence on which a frame with a family photo slides instead of a sliding door. It seems simpler, although for big TVs you need a great frame and a great photo, of course.

Replace the IKEA shelf to hide the TV

Hidden and hidden TV behind a sliding door in a custom IKEA cabinet

Seen in Ikea Hackers

This idea is a bit more elaborate, but if you like DIY and IKEA hacking, you might be interested. It is about adjusting the IKEA Kallax shelf or any other that has a similar format, and adjusting the sliding door to it.

Hide the TV behind the sliding door

Hidden and hidden television behind a sliding door

Photo by Hirshfields

Instead of creating half a door, the size of a TV, which is somewhat disproportionate, whole doors can be used.

The exposed sliding door is in a rage. Not only for doors, but also for decorating the house. It is a very interesting option to hide the TV, because from the door leaf to the rail we can use very different materials and finishes, achieving a great adjustment for our space.

Hide the TV blinds

Hide the TV behind a custom blind

Sisayes eyeshadow project

This idea comes from a reader who created a company of blinds created specifically for TVs. It is a decorative curtain with various personalized images that is installed on the TV so that we can hide it behind the image whenever we want.

If you are interested in the topic of television in interior design, here you can see the article with ideas for decorating a TV wall and here another with ideas for placing a TV in a small bedroom.


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