November 19, 2019

The boiler is an essential element in the house: it supplies hot water all year round, and maintains a warm temperature in winter. In themselves, there are enough reasons to keep it in good condition, but they are not the only ones.

Faulty gas installation could lead to a high risk situation. For this reason, the law stipulates that it is mandatory to inspect the boiler every two years and check the installation every five. However, boiler professionals recommend that they be even more careful and perform an annual inspection.

Despite all these periodic inspections, failures in the operation of the boiler and heating system often occur. So much so that, according to the latest Multihelpers study, the fastest network platform looking for masters and professionals to improve and repair your home, heating repair is among the most sought after services.

Incidents related to boilers are often among the complaints of tenants of rental apartments. In order to guarantee the habitability and well-being of its tenants, owners and facility managersThey are obliged to repair them quickly and efficiently. To this end, many have the help of Multihelpers, who work with experts specializing in this type of repair, capable of quickly and efficiently repairing any accidents related to boilers.

Multihelpers analyzed five boiler failures that helpers most often solve:


Most of the time this will pose a pressure problem. The most likely cause is that it is not within the recommended levels for proper operation (1.2 and 1.5 bar) or that the pressure pump is damaged and needs to be replaced. In the first case, this can be solved in a simple way, by simply manipulating the boiler controls and adjusting the pressure to the recommended levels, as we have already said between 1.2 and 1.5 bar. However, the latter is not so common, although when it does occur it is usually in devices of a certain age, implying an average cost of € 300 to repair or replace a damaged pressure pump.


Heating produces unusual sounds as it works, these sounds can be produced for a variety of reasons: deposition and strong combustion due to the accumulation of gases, among other things. But most often, the presence of air in the circuit that connects the boiler with the radiators in the house. Also, in order to stop the noise and solve the problem, professionals who cooperate Multihelpers emphasize that each radiator needs to be cleaned individually to expel trapped air. This is usually done using a plug that the radiators have on the side with the help of a container to prevent the spillage of water that may come out of the radiator.


If the boiler does not respond when the ignition key is pressed and there is no fault related to the electric current (plug inserted incorrectly, faulty plug or absence of electric current in that socket), it is most likely that the boiler is in “self-locking” mode due to possible smoke outlet. It is a safety mechanism of the device that, when it detects that carbon monoxide is not being expelled properly, blocks the boiler to avoid incidents.

This is a dangerous malfunction. Therefore, it is advisable to call a technician as soon as possible and do not manipulate the device if you smell gas. This is one of the most expensive interventions, as the entire gas evacuation cycle must be checked to remove dirt and / or solid debris that causes the obstruction. Depending on the ease of access, the severity of the obstacle or the extent, the usual cost is more than € 350.

4. There is no flame in the boiler

Sometimes it can happen that the boiler flame does not ignite, this type of ignition skipping is very common and can be caused by various causes. It is likely that electricity or gas will not reach the machine, due to certain circuit problems or power outages, or the water temperature probe or flushing device is damaged or dirty. Depending on one or the other origin, the cost of repair will be higher or lower, but the average price is around 80 euros.


An accidental drop and rise in the temperature of the shower water or the absence of heat from the radiator when the heating is switched on may be indications that the temperature probe is damaged or out of range. After a failure, the probe misrecognizes the water levels and sends incorrect information to the board. Repairing so that the boiler can capture the correct temperature and maintain the required heat usually involves costs between 120 and 150 euros.

We hope that the explanation of these most common failures was useful and prevented major problems in boilers. And don’t forget that if you need help applying any of these five tips, you can request a free assessment through this link.

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