There are many more, but trust me they are enough for you 5 relaxing colors that I have prepared to turn your living room into an oasis of peace.

And you will check it right away.

They are soothing, calm and intoxicating colors that can be used to achieve extremely relaxing environments. Let’s see them.

Green soft

Living room painted in a relaxing teal color

Photography and Design Souraya Hassan de Binti Home | Instagram @Bintihome

We start with a soft green color. A very pale shade of green with a bit of saturation which, as you can see in the salon of the apartment of Haarlem stylist Souraya Hassan, is extraordinarily relaxing.

Green has always been one of the relaxing colors. Y. one of its secrets is that it is a color in which you can rest your eyes.

It is a color that does not tire.

So the locker rooms of mostly English theaters and other parts of the world are green, so that the actors can rest their eyes from the spotlight.

La Mirada This Stage Photography

And if we catch this so relaxing colors to paint the living room and we lowered it, leaving it almost unsaturated in a pastel green tone, we amplify its relaxing effect.

Do you want to paint your living room with this color? This is the one I recommend:

Teal Watchtower from Bruger

Let’s move on to the next color.

Gently pink

Relaxing bright pink colored living room

Photo @

Not leaving the gentle tones we go for the next relaxing color with which you can paint your living room to achieve a very peaceful atmosphere.

Gentle pink or pastel pink, polite, sweet and gentle color.

Unlike the green we saw above, pink is a color found in the warm part of the chromatic circle because, among other shades, it is red with little saturation.

What if in addition to wanting a relaxing living room, you also want to be warm, soft pink is the perfect color for her.

Regardless of this, as you can see in the room above these paragraphs, it is an extremely relaxing color to paint the walls of the room and create an enveloping and intoxicating environment.

In addition, we can also enhance that calming effect combine it with neutral, white and wood tones in light tones.

If you’re worried about whether pink is a feminine color, I advise you to forget about that annoying cliché and paint the walls with it if you really like it.

What’s more,Did you know that pink has always been a masculine color?? In fact, the world’s most famous newspaper, Financial Times, i Sports newspapers, a sports newspaper read exclusively by men, has been printing its pages in pink / salmon since 1888.

Gazetta dello Sport in pink among other newspapers. Macronix Photography

That said, do you want to paint the walls of your living room with this calm and beautiful color? Here is what I advise you:

Raw rose from Bruger

Let’s see another color.

Pale beige

Relaxing living room painted in beige


The beige is another warm color which we can find in many other shades and variants.

And, although almost all shades of beige have the same qualities, softer shades of beige like the one we see applied to the walls of the upper living room, they are the most general.

This color is also a warm and almost neutral shade, or is considered almost neutral.

This means that we can achieve a warm and cozy atmosphere and that it is a color that can be combined very well. It does not create problems when combining, neither with other colors nor with any material.

Although if you want increase the feeling of relaxation which offers this color, combine it with white, woody and neutral tones.

Although you can combine it with other colors, like all of these that we saw in the article colors that combine with beige.

If you decide to paint the walls of the living room with this color, I recommend this:

Bruguer light color

Let’s move on to the next color.

Pale blue

Relaxing living room painted in light blue

Photography and design of LilyPad cottage Lilypadcottage

In addition to green, blue is another relaxing color. And, in softer tones, like the one we see in the room above, that feeling increases.

In fact, blue is the calmest color out there.

This is why we can find it in a multitude of products that want to combine its qualities with relaxation or softness, such as Nivea cream that “softens” the skin or a multitude of boxes with sleep inducers like melatonin.

Various containers that use blue as a synonym for relaxation and softness.

It is even said that in some clinics, aggressive patients are taken to blue rooms to relax, as Eva Heller recounts in her wonderful book The Psychology of Color.

Leaving these curiosities aside, to enhance its soothing effect in the living room, combine it with white and neutral tones, to achieve, in addition, really cool atmosphere. Because this color is not warm, but cold.

If you like it, this is the blue color I recommend:

Bruguer Feather Blue

Let’s take a look at the following relaxing living room coloring paint.

Gently gray

Relaxing living room painted in gray

Photo IDA Interior Lifestyle @Ilaria Chiaratti

Gray is an essentially neutral color. It is achromatic in color. It lacks any color shades, so it is completely neutral.

But inside the gray color, we have many tones with certain shades due to which the color got some or other properties.

The softer shades of gray with a bit of yellowish pigmentationThey are extremely soothing and add a warm shade.

And that’s the color I recommend paint the walls of the living room if you like gray and want a relaxing atmosphere.

You just need to look at the room above these rows to see how this tone works. It’s so relaxing it’s almost leaden. Of course, a pastel blue couch also plays a role.

Also since the gray color is completely neutral, then we can combine it with any other color, either on the walls or in additions and additions, that we will never go wrong.

Although like everyone else, if you really want to amplify that feeling of relaxation, combine it with calm tones like white and neutral.

This is a shade of gray that I recommend:

Color Hn.02.85 de Bruguer

Although I have especially recommended these colors, let me tell you before painting your living room with any of them, make patterns on the walls or look at other similar shades, to really see which one suits you and your space.

As I said at the beginning, these colors are not the only ones that are suitable for painting a relaxing living room. We can achieve this environment with many others, and if you are interested, you can see these articles in other colors:

Living rooms painted in sand color, warm colors for painting living rooms and pastel colors for painting living room.

And if you have any questions, leave a comment that I will answer as soon as possible. Although if you want to decorate your living room and have it all done for you, feel free to visit the online decorating tip.

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